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Create Your Go To Market Strategy With AI

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Josh Bermejo

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What you'll learn

Learn a step-by-step AI system to create your GTM strategy

Learn 47 prompts in 3 steps: → Discover [Research + Positioning] → Define [Messaging] → Distribute [Go-to-market]

Get a draft of your GTM Strategy. Then Q&A.

If you follow the webinar steps, you’ll get out of it with a draft of your go-to-market strategy.

Learn Do & Don’ts of strategizing With AI

Get insights on what AI tools like ChatGPT, Notion or Perplexity are good for and what they’re not.

Why this topic matters

AI can be a powerful tool that acts like a new team member, getting you out of your mind and accelerating your time strategizing positioning & GTM. When used properly, it’ll enrich your thinking process, come up with better strategies, and free your time for other tasks. If you are a founder, product innovator, product marketer, or a sales leader in B2B tech/software, this webinar is for you.

You'll learn from

Josh Bermejo

Buyer’s behavior analysis | Breaking growth plateaus for B2B SW > Fractional Strategy & Growth Leader🎙️ The Unstoppable Product Host

Josh Bermejo is an Executive MBA graduate from top-ranked Financial Times and The Economist Business School. He is certified in Disruptive Strategy by Harvard and AI for Business Strategy by MIT. As Chief Revenue Growth Officer at B2B software companies, he led GTM strategy, sales, business development, and partner teams in USA and Europe, achieving 120% growth in less than three years and tripling EBITDA. He also launched a digital B2C real estate product in Spain, reshaping an 18 billion market. Josh founded Predictable Innovation Strategy in 2021 and has implemented an AI system for his company, achieving 40% time gains in research, positioning, and GTM strategy-related tasks. This is the system he teaches in his courses at Maven.

Josh is author of “The Art of High-Tech Positioning” book, and hosts the Unstoppable Product Show. He leads growth & strategy for B2B Software as a Fractional Leader and coaches CEOs to reach their next growth stage.

Ask Josh About: Buyer psychographics & behaviors, Crossing The Chasm, Diffusion of Innovations, Jobs To Be Done, Positioning, Sales & Marketing Strategy for B2B Software.

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