Courses that strengthen Figma skills and design systems

Courses that focus on strengthening Figma skills and exploring design systems. Learn about creating functional design systems, familiarize yourself with the newer features released by Figma, gain hands-on practice and expertise, and understand best practices for UI/UX design. Become fluent in color application, learn about animation in Figma, and level up your knowledge as a product/UX designer. Develop a working understanding of Figma for UI designs and improve your UI toolkit as a graphic designer. Bridge the implementation gap between design and engineering environments, advocate for visual identity and brand, and mitigate design debt. Get proficient in using Figma for Product Design, understand basic UX principles, and properly structure Figma files. Gain knowledge in variables, auto-layout, design systems, and prototypes. Learn best practices for hand-off, design systems, and the latest features in Figma. Migrate work from the Adobe Creative Suite to Figma, become an advanced Figma user, and empower yourself as a product designer. Transition from a software developer role to product design or product management and expand services as a developer. Learn best practices, shift back to full-time design, and level up Figma skills for hybrid design/engineering roles. Overall, these courses will strengthen Figma skills and provide a comprehensive understanding of design systems.
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