July 27, 2023

13 AI Courses to Help You Master Artificial Intelligence in 2023

Unleash the power of artificial intelligence with Maven's acclaimed online AI course catalog! Led by industry experts, these hands-on masterclasses are your gateway to an exciting AI-powered future. Dive in and discover the transformative learning experience Maven offers. Your journey to mastering AI starts here.

New Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Courses

OpenAI's ChatGPT has ushered in the next phase of artificial intelligence products. Following closely behind are the top tech incumbents including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. As new AI products and features are launched everyday, it can be challenging to navigate through the noise.
Luckily, machine learning experts and artificial intelligence leaders are taking time to teach others though AI courses. The following courses cover a wide variety of AI topics including artificial intelligence fundamentals, data science, artificial neural networks, deep learning, computer vision and much more.
Whether you're a machine learning engineer, a data scientist, or a creative looking to leverage artificial intelligence, there are AI courses on Maven for everyone.

Midjourney for Creatives

⭐️9.6 (35 ratings)
Midjourney for Creatives is a comprehensive 3-week, cohort-based course led by Creative Director Nick St. Pierre, aimed at empowering creatives to fully exploit the Midjourney platform. This all-inclusive guide goes beyond mere technical proficiency, focusing on harnessing AI to translate your unique ideas into stunning visuals and professional, high-quality work.
The course syllabus includes practical modules on Additive Prompting, understanding the essentials and the power of variables, advanced prompting techniques, and integrating Midjourney into production workflows. Students will gain a complete understanding of prompt creation, optimization, and control, and develop an AI-focused portfolio.
Testimonials have lauded the course as a game-changer in harnessing artificial intelligence workflows.

Building LLM Applications from Scratch into Production

⭐️9.6 (9 ratings)
Building LLM Applications from Scratch into Production is a six-week course led by AI specialist Hamza Farooq, focusing on Machine Learning Deployment and State-of-the-Art Language Models (LLMs). The course equips students with skills to build and deploy machine learning models in real-world environments.
The curriculum emphasizes on understanding the end-to-end machine learning pipeline and Large Language Models. Ethical considerations such as avoiding bias and ensuring transparency in LLMs are also addressed.
Students will learn data collection and preprocessing, training and fine-tuning of pre-trained LLMs, their performance evaluation, and real-world deployment using APIs and Huggingface. Teaching modules span natural language processing (NLP), foundational knowledge of transformers, deep learning, information retrieval Ssystems, building search engines, knowledge graphs, generative AI, and fine-tuning models.
The course culminates in a demo day where students present a capstone project. Past students have praised the course for its transformative effect and practical approach.
Hamza provided several excellent projects to learn from, showcasing quite a few ML practices and options in each. Learned a ton that I continually go back to! - Tony (verified student)

Coworking with AI

⭐️9.4 (7 ratings)
Coworking with AI is an immersive AI course designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively incorporate artificial intelligence into their work. Hosted by AI experts and educators, Ben Parr and Matt Schlicht, co-founders of Octane AI, this 2-week cohort-based course will revolutionize the way you approach your daily tasks.
The course starts by highlighting the immense potential of artificial intelligence as a virtual coworker that never sleeps and can handle various tasks with ease. Through hands-on training, you'll learn how to think systematically and prompt AI effectively, understanding its capabilities and limitations to achieve desired outcomes. The emphasis is on empowering you to become a superhuman coworker, utilizing AI to draft emails, design graphics, analyze data, and much more.
The course is structured as a hands-on workshop, providing you with real-world experience in using artificial intelligence. You'll get to experiment with applications like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Zapier, and Descript, gaining familiarity with how AI is revolutionizing various industries.
Ben and Matt went above and beyond by sharing valuable insights and strategies to effectively leverage the information.  I highly recommend "Coworking with AI" to anyone looking to gain a solid foundation in this field while receiving exceptional support from the instructors. - Abbey (verified student)

Conversational AI Masterclass

⭐️ 9.9 (14 ratings)
Conversational AI Masterclass a 5-day, cohort-based course designed to equip participants with the tools and knowledge to create impactful conversational AI products. The course, led by Principal Design and Product Management Leaders Rupa Chaturvedi and Polly Allen from Alexa AI (Amazon) and Google, is derived from real-world case studies and is designed to be comprehensible to participants from diverse backgrounds, without the requirement for technical or programming skills.
Participants will learn the ins and outs of conversational artificial intelligence, which mimic human communication through voice or text. The course framework, aptly termed the '3 D' framework (Define - Design - Deploy), offers the secrets to project selection, designing user experiences, measuring success, and launching a product confidently.
Throughout the course, attendees will engage in three live virtual workshops, gain access to a downloadable resource guide rich with tools, templates, and checklists, and receive a video walkthrough of how to fine-tune ChatGPT with their data to build a prototype. In addition, they will be granted lifetime access to a growing community of professionals leveraging artificial intelligence technology in their products and businesses.
Key learning areas include understanding when to apply artificial intelligence principles for conversational AI design, and how to build and launch a live conversational system. Specific topics range from defining success, understanding user considerations, setting release criteria, to evaluating conversational CX quality.
Rupa and Polly packed decades of expertise into a highly engaging course. They did a fantastic job of demystifying the world of Conversational AI and making the 'complex simple' for those of us who are newer to the space - Mary (verified student)

Mastering Generative AI

⭐️ 9.8 (19 ratings)
Generative AI Masterclass is a 3-week cohort-based course that facilitates the integration of artificial intelligence into your work or business, even without coding knowledge. Hosted by AI veterans Jeremy Kirshbaum and Lev Gorelov, it delves into prompt engineering techniques, AI workflow automation, AI prototyping, hallucination prevention, reinforcement learning, and AI applications for content creation, operations, and research.
During the artificial intelligence classes, you will learn to analyze AI use cases, build real AI prototypes, create an innovation portfolio, and identify reliable information to build your AI strategy. You'll gain access to numerous resources, including videos, AI models, and decision-making worksheets.
Students receive personalized support through 1:1 coaching sessions, flexible office hours, and live class sessions. This ensures a tailored learning experience for each individual’s generative AI applications and ideas.
Fantastic experience! I learned a ton and also had a lot of fun. The format of the course is great. Very hands on and with plenty of opportunities for personalized feedback and help! - Chris (verified student)

Build a Better Story

⭐️ 9.8 (28 ratings)
Build a Better Story is a 6-week, cohort-based storytelling workshop meticulously designed for both emerging and established storytellers. This compelling course is presented by seasoned story consultant, Jim Hull, who carries over 20 years of experience in the animation industry, having contributed to several acclaimed projects, including Disney's animated series "Tangled" and Canada's 2023 Oscar contender.
Over the course of six weeks, students experience more than 23 hours of live instruction, delving into the profound art of storytelling. The course starts with building a relationship with the story, then progresses through understanding theme-driven narratives, considering characters as conveyors of meaning, and finally crafting a cohesive narrative by filling the story gaps.
A unique aspect of this course is the exploration of artificial intelligence's role in storytelling as an assistant to human intelligence. Participants will learn how AI can offer deeper narrative insights, leading to fresh and inspired stories with intricate depths and complexities.
The course's syllabus further includes pivotal topics such as understanding the heart of your story and identifying what truly resonates within your work. By doing so, participants can enhance the transformational potential of their story and amplify their authorial voice.
Students will gain a thorough understanding of creating balanced narratives that harmonize both logic and emotion, ensuring captivating and comprehensive narratives free from perplexing story gaps.
Working with this method has leveled up my writing across the board, from story structure skills, to the depth of my characters, and insight into the intricacies that make a story compelling. I'm able to start with a more profound and intimate psychological viewpoint, and spend less time fixing holes and flaws in revision. - Wendy (verified student)

Building AI-Powered Products 101

⭐️ 9.0 (72 ratings)
Building AI-Powered Products 101 is a two-week, cohort-based course created for aspiring AI Product Managers by Dr. Marily Nika, AI Product Lead at Meta and former Google associate. This course has been designed to equip students with the basic concepts, frameworks, and tools necessary to create AI products, regardless of their coding skills or product management experience. A certificate of completion is awarded to participants at the end of the course.
The course covers an array of essential knowledge areas. Students learning artificial intelligence will understand how to solve user problems with advanced, niche technologies. The curriculum delves deep into the diverse skillset necessary throughout the product development lifecycle. Also emphasized is how to collaborate effectively with data scientists, machine learning engineers, and key stakeholders while executing on a roadmap.
Students will gain proficiency in training models end-to-end, understanding the technical concepts behind model training, and enhancing their analytical skills for metrics-driven approach & insight-driven decision making. The course also prepares students for industry standards with live mock interviews conducted by Product Managers in the field.
Marily did a really fantastic job in introducing what an AI PM is and the frameworks and mindset you would need to succeed as one. She demystified what the role is actually like on a day to day and was a great gateway into understanding the endless possibilities of AI-based solutions. The course was super interactive, with lots of great discussions - Ayesha (verified student)

Supercharge Your Personal Performance with ChatGPT & AI

⭐️ 9.8 (9 ratings)
Supercharge Your Personal Performance with ChatGPT & AI is a three-day, cohort-based course hosted by Aman Merchant, a serial parallel entrepreneur and flow coach. The course, within a 4-hour duration, equips professionals with techniques to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT to enhance productivity and creativity.
Students will gain understanding of flow concept, its benefits, and personal flow trigger mapping. They will learn practical applications of artificial intelligence tools to boost creativity, productivity, and daily routine efficiency. Students will also receive a template for developing their AI-enhanced personal performance plan, and opportunities for networking with like-minded executives.
The course syllabus covers modules on flow states & triggers, introduction to ChatGPT & other AI tools, leveraging these tools for creativity and productivity, and AI-based action planning. A bonus module provides a top 50 list of AI-assisted tools.
This course is a game-changer for anyone who wants to take their personal performance to the next level. It's engaging, thought-provoking & comprehensive. The course covers much more than just ChatGPT - it teaches you how to identify flow obstacles and build strategies to overcome them using GPT-based AI tools and services. - Sachin (verified student)

ChatGPT for Finance

⭐️ 9.1 (44 ratings)
ChatGPT for Finance is an innovative, cohort-based, one-day course, conceived and hosted by Nicolas Boucher, a leader in finance with 15 years' experience and an audience of 600,000 LinkedIn followers. Boucher has effectively harnessed the capabilities of ChatGPT and now shares his insights with finance professionals looking to elevate their careers.
The central aim of the course is to demonstrate how to leverage artificial intelligence to boost productivity and accelerate career growth within the finance industry. It represents an exclusive opportunity for finance professionals to learn methodologies and real-world applications of ChatGPT for finance and accounting tasks.
Course attendees will gain hands-on knowledge on how to give instructions to ChatGPT, use it for financial analysis and generating ideas, craft professional emails, create tool tutorials, and substantially improve their productivity. Importantly, graduates of this course are recognized as pioneers within their organizations, thereby increasing their chances of promotions.
Students get access to bonus material like a detailed 92-page guide featuring step-by-step instructions and 22 real use-cases of ChatGPT for finance. The course also provides more than 450 use-cases for finance, compiled from Boucher's experience training over 300 individuals on ChatGPT.
Nicolas has taken his 14 years finance experience, and produced step by step instructions on how to use ChatGPT for Finance. I particularly like the examples where he uses ChatGPT to communicate finance ideas to non-finance professionals. - Adam (verified student)

AI-Powered Productivity - Transforming the Way You Work
⭐️ 8.3 (10 ratings)
AI-Powered Productivity - Transforming the Way You Work is an intensive, cohort-based course that spans two weeks, hosted by Ross Dawson, a world-renowned futurist and author. This course equips participants with practical skills and knowledge to augment their work performance and productivity using AI.
Participants are guided to create a personalized Humans + AI workflow that leverages their unique capabilities and amplifies them via Generative AI. Ross Dawson demystifies the landscape of Generative AI/Large Language Models, elucidating on how to maximize their potential, discover specific use-cases relevant to their work, and incorporate advanced techniques to supercharge productivity.
The course seeks to transform participants' work experiences by teaching them how to identify the best strategies to achieve their objectives faster and with higher quality results. The course is designed to harness these new technologies to unleash one's full potential and future-proof one's career, staying ahead in the face of rapid technological change.
Key outcomes from the course include:
  • Maximizing productivity and effectiveness by learning how to use next-gen tools.
  • Designing a personal Humans + AI workflow tailored to one's role, skills, and objectives.
  • Optimizing AI interactions with applicable tools and structures.
  • Accessing and practicing with practical AI workflow resources.
  • Staying ahead of the rapidly changing technology landscape.
If you're looking for an interesting, efficient way to wrap your mind around AI and GPT tools and how you can incorporate them into your workflow to increase your own productivity, Ross's course is a great resource. Lots of opportunity for exploration and experimentation, combined with some good frameworks for making sense of it all. - Patrick (verified student)

Trustworthy AI Products
⭐️ 9.0 (8 ratings)
Trustworthy AI Products is a three-day, cohort-based course designed to empower product thinkers, from startup founders to seasoned product managers and engineers. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of AI product strategy and design, data ethics and security, and teaches participants how to create AI products that are not only reliable, safe, and secure but are also socially responsible.
Led by Karin Schöfegger, an experienced product coach with a decade and a half of professional experience at leading companies such as YouTube, Google, N26, and IBM, the course is meticulously designed to help participants master the complexities of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
The course begins by setting a solid foundation in machine learning concepts, like deep learning and neural networks, enabling students to build their business case around machine learning and identify the right success metrics. This segment highlights the significance of understanding the user problem and communicates the importance of speaking the same language as your engineers.
Subsequent course sections delve into product development workflow and stakeholder management, emphasizing each stage of the machine learning product development lifecycle and the value of efficient collaboration among team members.
Karin excels at explaining the complexities of AI to various audiences, from beginners to highly technical folks. She is passionate about principled AI development and cares deeply about educating others on the topic in order to bring the greatest benefit to society. - Grace (verified student)

Modern Natural Language Processing with GPT-4 & more

⭐️ 9.0 (3 ratings)
Modern Natural Language Processing with GPT-4 & More is a cohort-based course spread across two weeks, which equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to leverage large language models like BERT, GPT-3, and ChatGPT for natural language processing (NLP) tasks. Spearheaded by Sinan Ozdemir, a reputable textbook author, Johns Hopkins lecturer, and Founder of Kylie.ai, the course encapsulates his multifaceted experience in data science, machine learning, and AI strategy.
The course is specifically designed for individuals looking to master large language models, with a special emphasis on building fair NLP pipelines using modern techniques and architectures.
During the two-week course, participants will get the chance to build a robust information retrieval and Q/A system using S-BERT for document indexing at scale, along with GPT and BERT for answering questions based on indexed documents. Additionally, students will learn to construct multi-task NLP pipelines, employing GPT and other causal language models for sentiment analysis, deep learning, and abstractive summarization, using the same training dataset.
The course syllabus is comprehensive, with an introduction to large language models, understanding natural language with BERT, natural language generation with FLAN-T5 & GPT, and prompt engineering for GPT-3 and ChatGPT. This program provides students with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, as testified by students who commended the balance achieved in teaching.
Sinan did an excellent job of providing us with a foundational lesson in NLP. There was a good balance of theoretical knowledge and practical applications. I appreciated that he spent time walking through real-world examples to help us understand how LLMs are being used in different technology contexts. - Kene (verified student)

Advanced AI Product Management

⭐️9.5 (24 ratings)
Advanced AI Product Management is a meticulously structured, 3-week cohort-based course created by Dr. Marily Nika, an accomplished AI Product Lead at Meta. The course has been designed to provide an in-depth understanding of advanced artificial intelligence concepts and challenges faced by artificial intelligence product managers (PMs) in real-world scenarios.
Leveraging the expertise of five industry leaders, including ex-Group PM at Meta, Senior Applied Scientist at Amazon Alexa, SVP of Engineering at BenevolentAI, and Principal PM at Elastic Search, this course aims to facilitate experienced business professionals in enhancing their understanding of AI/ML. Spanning across various dimensions of AI like machine learning, NLP, generative AI, computer vision, artificial neural networks, and autonomous systems, the course adopts a holistic approach towards AI/ML.
A distinctive feature of the course is its focus on integrating artificial intelligence into the product strategy and developing AI-based product features, while also addressing the ethical and regulatory issues surrounding AI. Participants will be endowed with the skillset to make well-informed decisions and assess trade-offs associated with different AI/ML solutions.
The course provides insights on best practices for staffing and managing AI/ML PM teams and productionizing AI/ML tech. It equips students with strategic thinking abilities, facilitating them to integrate AI into product strategy and strategic roadmaps effectively.
Super insightful and informative course. The course provides hands-on exercises that enable PMs to get familiar with building and running models. The highlight for me was sessions from engineering leaders on productionizing as well as PM leaders on how to evaluate if AI is the best route to go when solving problems." - Hermanth (verified student)

More Machine Learning and AI Courses

Maven offers a wide variety of artificial intelligence courses. While some are designed for the machine learning engineers and data scientists working at the ground level of AI/ML development, many courses appeal to novices with very little prerequisite knowledge.
Many of the best artificial intelligence courses offer intimate community experiences where students are joined by just a few others. In these types of online courses, you get the opportunity to get feedback from AI engineers and other industry experts with in depth knowledge.
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