The Top 9 AI Courses To Learn In 2023: Mastering Artificial Intelligence

Unleash the power of artificial intelligence with Maven's acclaimed online AI course catalog! Led by industry experts, these hands-on masterclasses are your gateway to an exciting AI-powered future. Dive in and discover the transformative learning experience Maven offers. Your journey to mastering AI starts here.

Conversational AI Masterclass

⭐️ 9.9 (14 ratings)
The Conversational AI Masterclass is a comprehensive, cohort-based course that enables learners to build conversational AI products that impress users.

The course, hosted by industry veterans Rupa Chaturvedi and Polly Allen, former leaders at Alexa AI and Google, provides a unique '3 D' framework (Define - Design - Deploy) for building conversational AI experiences.
What to Expect?
You'll learn how to select the ideal project, craft user experiences, and launch your product confidently.

The course offers hands-on learning with three live virtual workshops, a downloadable resource guide packed with industry-standard tools, templates, and checklists, and a video walkthrough of fine-tuning ChatGPT.

Learners also receive lifetime access to a growing community of professionals interested in leveraging AI in their work.

The course aims to leave participants with a robust understanding of conversational AI basics and the knowledge to create their own AI experiences.
What Do People Think of This Course?
As a testament to the course's impact, Mary Mellino, Founder and Chief Discovery Officer at RiseMynd, praises the course for making the "complex simple" and looks forward to participating in future offerings from the instructors.

Mastering Generative AI

⭐️ 9.8 (11 ratings)
"Mastering Generative AI" is a cohort-based course designed to arm students with the skills and knowledge to create AI prototypes and navigate the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Guided by experienced instructors Jeremy Kirshbaum and Lev Gorelov, participants explore cutting-edge research in AI and receive step-by-step guidance on the applications of generative AI for content creation, operations, and research.
What to Expect?
The course is designed to enhance students' AI strategies and investments, while also providing tools to discern the practical potentials of AI from hype.

The curriculum includes individual coaching sessions, office hours, and live class sessions for a personalized learning experience. Participants get to build AI applications, create an innovation portfolio, and learn how to identify reliable information in a crowded field.

The course is intended to benefit a wide audience, requiring no prior coding experience.
What Do People Think of This Course?
Students have praised the course for its in-depth content, applicability across industries, and the instructors' ability to communicate complex concepts effectively. One student testified, "The instructors, Jeremy and Lev, do an amazing job communicating complex concepts in accessible, easy-to-understand ways."

AI-Powered Storytelling

⭐️ 9.7 (26 ratings)
"AI-Powered Storytelling" is a four-week, cohort-based course hosted by Jim Hull, a renowned story consultant with over 20 years of experience in the animation industry.
What to Expect?
Students learn a proven story framework used by successful writers and understand how to maintain tension and conflict throughout a narrative.

The course also delves into leveraging artificial intelligence to spark inspiration and aligns it with intuitive storytelling.

A unique aspect of this course is that it gamifies the writing process, making each act completion feel like a level accomplishment.

The course provides an in-depth analysis of famous stories and teaches students how to write meaningful narratives.
What Do People Think of This Course?
Student testimonials praise the course for its depth and practicality, with one student, Wendy Terrien, stating, "Working with this method has leveled up my writing across the board, from story structure skills to the depth of my characters, and insight into the intricacies that make a story compelling."

Building AI-powered Products 101

⭐️ 9.0 (65 ratings)
"Building AI-powered Products 101" is an engaging, two-week course designed to equip aspiring AI Product Managers with the basic concepts, frameworks, and tools necessary to bring AI products to life.

Conducted by Dr. Marily Nika, an AI Product Lead with an impressive pedigree, the AI course focuses on key technical and AI concepts vital to product management and aims to strengthen the diverse skill set required throughout the product development lifecycle.
What to Expect?
Students learn effective strategies for collaboration with scientists, engineers, and key stakeholders while gaining a solid understanding of the AI product development lifecycle.

The course also covers training models end-to-end, bolstering analytical skills, and fostering a metrics-driven approach to decision making. Participants will also have the chance to undertake live mock interviews conducted by industry professionals.
What Do People Think of This Course?
A student testimonial by Priyanka P., a High EQ Product Manager, reads: "I wish I found this course earlier. There is so much content on breaking into AI PM & it will only confuse you. I spent hours searching & learning what a true Technical PM does and Marily did an AMAZING job of teaching with cases & real examples what AI PMs do at FAANG."

Supercharge Your Personal Performance with ChatGPT & AI

⭐️ 9.8 (6 ratings)
"Supercharge Your Personal Performance with ChatGPT & AI" is a course designed to enhance personal and professional performance through the use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT.
The course is led by Aman Merchant, a highly experienced tech entrepreneur and educator with a strong background in AI and high-performance strategies.
What to Expect?
Participants are taught how to activate flow states, thereby enhancing creativity and productivity, using an AI-enabled approach.

The course, which spans over three days, is a mix of presentations, live demonstrations, and hands-on activities, offering participants a practical understanding of AI tools. It also includes the development of an AI-enhanced personal performance plan.

A distinctive feature of this course is its focus on flow, a psychological concept known for its benefits in fostering creativity and productivity.

Participants will also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded executives interested in maximizing human potential through AI-based tools.
What Do People Think of This Course?
The course has received glowing reviews from past participants.

One student, Tatjana M., shared, "It was an amazing learning experience that left me truly fascinated with AI's possibilities. I feel equipped with a wealth of new knowledge and skills that I can't wait to apply to my work."

Another student, Sachin P., called the course a "game-changer" for anyone looking to take their personal performance to the next level.

ChatGPT for Finance

⭐️ 8.7 (30 ratings)
"ChatGPT for Finance" is a transformative course designed to empower finance professionals to harness the power of AI in their careers.

Under the experienced guidance of Nicolas Boucher, a finance leader with 14 years of experience, participants learn how to employ ChatGPT to enhance productivity, refine professional writing, generate innovative ideas, and expedite analysis.
What to Expect?
From mastering the art of writing instructions for ChatGPT to using it as a personal assistant for finance tasks, the course covers an extensive range of practical applications. A highlight is learning to create comprehensive procedures in record time using ChatGPT.

Participants also gain access to a value-added bonus, a detailed PDF guide on using ChatGPT for Finance.

This course is interactive, cohort-based, and emphasizes hands-on learning.
What Do People Think of This Course?
Student Veronique Pollacsek testifies, "In two hours, the trainer let me grasp the tool and understand how to use it in my profession. The session was highly interactive and engaging. A lot of insights and material were shared during the session."

AI-Powered Productivity - Transforming the Way You Work

⭐️ 8.3 (10 ratings)
"AI-Powered Productivity - Transforming the Way You Work" is an intensive, cohort-based course hosted by renowned futurist, Ross Dawson.
What to Expect?
The course aims to augment students' potential with cutting-edge AI, improving work performance and productivity. It guides participants to create a personal Humans + AI workflow, integrating their unique skills with Generative AI.

The curriculum covers understanding the Generative AI/Large Language Model landscape, its optimal use, and advanced techniques to maximize productivity.

Learners will also design a custom workflow that pairs their unique capabilities with AI, and will learn to effectively interface with AI.

The course provides practical AI workflow resources and teaches learners how to future-proof their careers in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.
What Do People Think of This Course?
One student testimonial highlighted the course's excellent overview of Human and AI intersections, and the ample opportunities to develop projects among peers and learn new AI applications.

Trustworthy AI Products

⭐️ 9.0 (8 ratings)
"Trustworthy AI Products" is a cohort-based course led by Karin Schöfegger, a former scientist turned product coach with over 15 years of experience at renowned companies such as YouTube, Google, N26, and IBM.
What to Expect?
This course promises to provide a comprehensive overview of best practices in building reliable and responsible AI products, covering topics from product strategy and design to data ethics and security.

Through a blend of pre-recorded videos and live classes, participants will learn key machine learning concepts, how to build a robust ML business case, and navigate the product development workflow.

The course emphasizes the importance of data privacy, user trust, and ethical considerations, providing practical guidance on AI governance, risk assessment, and the creation of safe and secure AI systems.
What Do People Think of This Course?
One student testimonial stated, "Not only did Karin's well-structured course deliver on understanding how ML works, but I also got deep insights into how to bring an ML product from inception to production and a huge collection of relevant high-quality content."

Modern Natural Language Processing with GPT-4 & more

⭐️ 9.0 (3 ratings)
"Modern Natural Language Processing with GPT-4 & More" is an intensive, two-week course offering hands-on experience in building advanced NLP pipelines with state-of-the-art language models like BERT and GPT-3.

The course, led by Sinan Ozdemir, covers key topics such as constructing robust information retrieval systems and Q/A systems, prompt engineering, and multi-task NLP pipelines for tasks like sentiment analysis and abstractive summarization.
What to Expect?
Students will delve into the mechanisms of S-BERT for indexing documents and using GPT and BERT for answering queries.

In-depth exploration of the GPT-3 API and fine-tuning FLAN-T5 on a custom dataset are also part of the syllabus.

Learners are additionally taught the fundamentals of prompt engineering to optimize the use of GPT-3 and chatGPT.

The interactive, project-based course design promotes collaboration and active engagement.
What Do People Think of This Course?
One student testimonial applauds the course for its balance of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, stating, "Sinan did an excellent job of providing us with a foundational lesson in NLP... I feel much more equipped to build products."

Wrapping Up

Maven presents a rich portfolio of online classes, each meticulously designed to delve into distinct facets of Artificial Intelligence.

Delivered by esteemed professionals with deep industry experience, these AI courses are masterclasses offering hands-on exposure and profound insights into the dynamic world of AI.

Catering to a diverse audience, from budding AI Product Managers to seasoned finance professionals and creative storytellers, these AI courses have garnered high ratings and glowing testimonials.

Undoubtedly, Maven's AI-centric offerings serve as an invaluable conduit for individuals aspiring to explore the potential of AI or seeking to augment their professional competencies through AI-enabled applications.
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