July 19, 2023

Best Product Management Courses in 2023

A comprehensive list of Maven's top rated product management courses covering everything from PM fundamentals to career strategy to AI. Join thousands of other experienced and aspiring PMs.

Learn product management with other aspiring and current PMs. Discover and practice the skills you need to be successful in the PM role at your company. The following product management courses are a just a sample of the online courses available for product managers on Maven.com.

Building AI-Powered Products 101

⭐️9.0 (66 ratings)
Building AI-powered Products 101 is an engaging two-week course designed to equip aspiring AI Product Managers with the understanding and skills needed to bring AI products to fruition.
Led by Dr. Marily Nika, a seasoned AI Product Lead at Meta and a Fellow at Harvard, the course focuses on key technical AI concepts, product development lifecycle, and effective partnership strategies with engineers and key stakeholders. Participants will learn to adopt a product-mindset and user-first perspective while mastering the art of model training.
The course also aids in strengthening analytical skills and insights-driven decision making. A unique feature of the course is the provision of live mock interviews conducted by industry professionals. Following completion of the course, students earn a certificate.
One student, Elissa H., praised the course stating, "This course increased my confidence that I have the basic skills needed to succeed as an AI PM, and gave me a better awareness of what I DON'T know and need to focus on learning more about." An advanced course is available for those wishing to deepen their technical knowledge.

UX for Product Managers

⭐️9.4 (7 ratings)
UX for Product Managers is an immersive, cohort-based course curated by seasoned product leader, Mehmet Perk. Over five days, you will learn essential UX fundamentals and usability guidelines, crucial to making informed design-impacting decisions.
The course will guide you through the creation of wireframes and rapid prototypes, helping you communicate effectively with stakeholders and designers. A unique feature of the course is the exploration of UI frameworks and design systems, giving you the tools to understand their guidelines and boundaries. You'll engage in active, hands-on learning, with interactive workshops and project-based assignments.
Notably, Asami Wright, an EdTech Product Consultant, credits the course for expertly leading her through UX/UI fundamentals, wireframing, and prototyping, while Maria Shramko highly recommends the course for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of UX design.

Building Impactful Products

⭐️9.6 (9 ratings)
Building Impactful Products is a product management course that helps product managers transition from building features that flop to realizing business results. Over two weeks, Gabrielle Bufrem, an experienced product leadership coach, helps you cut through the noise and build what genuinely matters to your customers.
For both seasoned and aspiring product managers, you will learn to prioritize the most impactful opportunities and problems to solve, ensuring everything you build drives impact for users and business alike. This product management training offers live feedback on your roadmap and prioritization strategy, refining your business goals to drive focus and clarity for your team. You will also learn to identify effective prioritization frameworks and understand how and when to best use each to get real results.
Marty Cagan, Partner @SVPG & Bestselling Author, praises Gabrielle's product management experience, while Caitlyn Hutchison, a product lead, describes the course as a game-changer, recommending it to anyone in product.

Build The Right Product

⭐️9.3 (10 ratings)
Build The Right Product is a dynamic, three-week, cohort-based course that focuses on product discovery techniques. It's designed to assist Product Managers, founders, and entrepreneurs in creating products that truly resonate with customers.
Hosted by Prashanthi Ravanavarapu, a natural problem solver and product leader, this product management program radically changes the way students build products. It addresses a common misconception among Product Managers, emphasizing that building the right product is more important than merely building a product right.
The course helps product management students develop a customer and product discovery mindset, acquire the skills necessary to deliver customer value, and understand frameworks useful throughout their product management careers.
Tori Horton, CEO of Rest Your Nest, praises Prashanthi's teaching style and her ability to help students unlearn assumptions and delve into the deeper "whys" of product building. Anima S, a Staff Product Manager at Bill.com, recommends the course to any product management professional interested in the process of identifying the right product to build.

Managing your Product Management Career in 2023 & Beyond

Managing your Product Management Career in 2023 & Beyond is a comprehensive course led by PM leader Shreyas Doshi, who has years of product management experience at companies like Stripe, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo.
The online course course empowers students to carve a successful and fulfilling product management career by offering proven frameworks, tactics, and templates developed over years of 1:1 career coaching. It tackles key aspects such as crafting a career path, growing competence, the product management interview, shortlisting and getting hired at the right companies, and handling job market downturns. The course also includes resources for mentoring other PMs and is structured to accommodate the busy schedules of senior PMs and leaders, with live sessions over the weekend.
Insights from world-class product management leaders, industry experts, PM executive recruiters, and real case studies enrich the learning experience. Participants join a vibrant community of over 1,200 senior PMs and product leaders worldwide, facilitating peer interaction and collaboration.
One student shared, "This course condenses literally decades of career learnings & coaching experience into one weekend." It is truly an all-inclusive guide for those aiming to navigate the dynamic world of product management.

Strategic Product Management

⭐️10.0 (10 ratings)
Strategic Product Management is a two-week, cohort-based course that takes a deep dive into the Blackblot Product Manager's Toolkit® (PMTK) methodology. The course, hosted by Gabriel Steinhardt, the developer of PMTK, offers an interactive platform for mastering the domain of product management.
Students will not only learn the fundamentals of PMTK but also gain a clear understanding of roles and team models in product management. The course covers various product delivery strategies, enabling students to determine their own product's delivery strategy. It also facilitates the analysis and formulation of business, market, and product strategies.
Students will explore the interaction between product management, business strategy, and identify best practices in both Agile and Waterfall environments. The course wraps up with a review of PMTK templates that aid in the creation of successful market-driven products. Additionally, the course includes the Blackblot PMTK Book: Second Edition and PMTK templates. A product manager certification is also available through the Blackblot Product Management Professional™ certification test.

Data Literacy for Product Managers

⭐️ 9.8 (13 ratings)
Data Literacy for Product Managers is a comprehensive, three-week product management course led by seasoned product leader Debbie Widjaja. This course empowers students to build a better product strategy by enhancing their data skills, focusing on understanding data models, designing robust experiments, and identifying opportunities for machine learning and automation.
Students engage in hands-on exercises each session, learning how to define success metrics, interact effectively with engineers, and ensure their product's successful trajectory. The course's unique approach tears down data-related jargon and imparts knowledge on how to ask the right questions and apply appropriate constraints to achieve product success.
As an Associate Product Manager at The Guardian, Nick Hart found the online program invaluable, saying, "Debbie has enabled me to feel more confident when communicating with data analysts and engineers, better able to articulate what data we need and how we will measure our success."

Conversational AI Masterclass

⭐️9.9 (14 ratings)
The Conversational AI Masterclass is an immersive, five-day, product management course that demystifies the field of conversational AI. Led by industry veterans from Alexa AI and Google, this course offers a unique '3 D' framework: Define, Design, Deploy, guiding students to successfully design and launch conversational AI products.
Among the best product management courses, the program begins with an exploration of conversational AI, its benefits and limitations, and how to identify suitable use cases. Students learn principles of AI and conversational design and get hands-on experience in building conversational UX prototypes. The course also provides guidance on how to transition from design to production, and other product management processes including evaluating 3rd party tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT and setting project success criteria.
In addition to three live workshops, students gain lifetime access to a growing community of AI professionals and a wealth of resources, including a downloadable guide with product management tools, templates, and checklists.
A student testimonial from Mary Mellino, Founder and Chief Discovery Officer at RiseMynd, highlights the course's impact, stating, "Rupa and Polly packed decades of expertise into a highly engaging course... I am eager to participate in additional courses offered by Polly and Rupa." The course aims to empower students with a robust understanding of conversational AI design, setting them on the path to creating their own successful conversational AI experiences.

Applied Network Effects

⭐️9.6 (28 ratings)
Applied Network Effects is a 3-week, cohort-based course designed to provide founders, operators, and investors with the necessary tools to evaluate, build, scale, and monetize network effects.
Guided by Sameer Singh, creator of Breadcrumb.vc and a prominent venture partner, students delve into different types of network effects such as marketplaces, interaction networks, data networks, and platforms. The course offers insights into the properties of each network effect type, strategies to overcome the 'cold start' problem, monetization options for network effect businesses, and methods for curating and measuring network effects. It sets itself apart by juxtaposing theory with real-world case studies from renowned companies like Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, and LinkedIn.
In the words of a student testimonial, "The course taught a lot of specific and practical information that opened our minds to new strategies that we could actually use." Another highlighted Sameer's expertise, stating, "He has created pragmatic frameworks to help you dissect, evaluate and strengthen your startup's NFX."

Influence Without Authority

⭐️9.5 (60 ratings)
Influence Without Authority is a 2-day, cohort-based course led by seasoned product and engineering leader, Satish Mummareddy. The course is tailored to help product management professionals amplify their influence within organizational settings, even when they're not in a position of authority.
Participants learn to develop an actionable influence strategy, leveraging understanding of human psychology, organizational dynamics, and political styles. The course also helps enhance core interpersonal skills and foster Emotional and Positive Intelligence, crucial for achieving successful outcomes in high-stakes situations.
Through the combination of principles, frameworks, and practical exercises, students learn to embrace high-integrity influence models, navigate organizational dynamics, leverage human psychology to change minds, and use principled decision frameworks to drive complex trade-offs. The course format includes in-class exercises and take-home activities designed to improve interpersonal, emotional, and positive intelligence.
Highly praised by professionals from leading tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Adobe, Square, Lyft, Uber, PayPal, Instacart, Grammarly, and Discord, the course is often hailed as a 'life-changing' and 'career-advancing' investment. Previous students frequently highlight the effectiveness of the course's hands-on exercises and Satish's ability to break down complex concepts into approachable, practical strategies.

Whether you're looking for a new product manager job or simply leveling up in your current role, you'll find a wide variety of product management courses where you can develop communication skills, strengthen your product roadmap, improve strategic thinking and much more.
Aside from a comprehensive overview of the topic, you'll participate in group activities, solo projects, and Q&A with the course leader. Course materials are available indefinitely so you have a reference to go back to in the future. You'll also develop a great product manager network with fellow students. Within this network, you'll often find conversations around business analysis, product strategy, stakeholder management, general desire for a product's success.
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