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LLM Prompt Engineering for Beginners

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Britney Muller

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What you'll learn

⚡ Learn the prompt essentials framework

Get actionable prompt tips that will save you time & resources.

🌍 Analyze real-world examples

Evaluate real world prompts that support tasks like customer support, lead gen, content marketing and more.

✍️ Practice prompt engineering

Compose prompts leveraging best practices for your tasks like email, meeting notes, task lists, training guides, etc.

Why this topic matters

Prompt engineering is not just about asking the right questions — it’s about igniting the full potential of LLMs. Through better prompt engineering, you can develop improved AI results for your specific tasks and gain a competitive edge.

You'll learn from

Britney Muller

AI/ML Consultant, Entrepreneur | Former Hugging Face, Moz

  • ❤️ Machine Learning/AI changed my life (and career). The purpose of this lightening talk + my Fundamentals of GenAI Course is to share what I've learned with YOU! 
  • 🛠️ Over 10+ years experience in ML/AI
  • 🤖 Developed over a dozen in-house AI applications
  • 🎤 International Keynote Speaker & AI Workshops Instructor
  • ✍️ Authored The Beginner's Guide to LLMs & BERT 101 to help demystify AI technical AI concepts

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