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How and When to Pivot

Hosted by

Tara Viswanathan and Gagan Biyani

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What you'll learn

How to fall in love with the problem (not the solution)

Advice for founders to stay laser-focused on the problem rather than attaching to the solution

How to build an MVP on an aggressive deadline

The story of how Rupa Health shipped their virtual clinic MVP in under a month without full-time engineers

How to pair gut feelings with logic

Strategies for deciding when to pivot and when to push through using intuition and logic

Why this topic matters

Join a live conversation between Tara Viswanathan (CEO of Rupa Health) and Gagan Biyani (CEO of Maven) about how and when to pivot so you can reach product-market fit. Tara will discuss the company's pivots, building an MVP clinic in 1 month, and keeping her team motivated.

You'll learn from

Tara Viswanathan

Co-founder & CEO of Rupa Health

Tara Viswanathan, CEO and Co-founder of Rupa Health, a healthcare company building the digital platform for the next evolution of medicine: root cause medicine. Rupa Health has raised $26 million from First Round Capital and Bessemer.

Gagan Biyani

Co-founder & CEO of Maven

Gagan is the co-founder & CEO of Maven, a marketplace for cohort-based courses taught by experts in AI, product, leadership and more. Previously, he co-founded Udemy, Sprig, and was a growth advisor to Lyft.

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