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How to coach yourself to end self-doubt

Hosted by

Noam Segal

Sat, Jun 1, 2024

4:00 PM UTC (30 minutes)

Virtual (Zoom)

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What you'll learn

Core Values Discovery

Re-discover what you truly value and how to stay in touch with those values.

Self-Socratic Questioning

Ask yourself deep, disruptive, probing questions to unpack the drivers of your self-doubt.

Cognitive Reappraisal

Reframe negative, unhelpful thoughts and rid yourself of self-doubt.

Why this topic matters

If you're plagued by self-doubt, this lesson is for you. Self-doubt holds us back in our careers. We impose artificial boundaries and limiting beliefs on our abilities that aren't tied to reality, hindering us from thriving. In a simple three-step process, I'll teach you self-coaching techniques that'll end your self-doubt and enable you to regain control of your full potential.

You'll learn from

Noam Segal

Founder of The Disruptive Coach & Research Leader at Upwork (formerly Meta, X, Wealthront, Intercom, and Airbnb.)

I've developed my craft, leadership, and coaching approach through military, academic, and tech experiences across five years of service, a decade in academia (culminating in a Ph.D. in Psychology), and nearly two decades in tech.

I'm a trained psychologist and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, with deep experience coaching hundreds of individuals and teams in tech.

I've been teaching on Maven since the very beginning in 2021 (and teaching in general for my entire adult life.)

But perhaps most importantly, the common thread throughout my career has been the joy I experience when helping others find their joy, fulfillment, and untapped potential. 

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