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Maintaining a positive mindset during job search

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Satish Mummareddy

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What you'll learn

The mindsets that make you a desirable candidate

What characteristics make a candidate desirable and what mindsets get in the way.

Shed the baggage from past job experiences & career setbacks

How to shift from saboteur mindsets and develop a positive outlook.

Bounce back from rejection during job interviews

How to externalize rejection, develop grit and a growth mindset for our career journey.

Manage negative emotions during live interviews

Understanding why we have negative emotions and tools to give your very best in the current moment.

Why this topic matters

Searching for jobs is an emotionally taxing process. It is made worse by the baggage we carry, the scars from past rejections and the negative emotions that we encounter during interviews. Managing our mindset well and bringing our best selves to the interview process requires significant work. Doing this work helps us put our best foot forward and makes us desirable candidates.

You'll learn from

Satish Mummareddy

Ex PM Leader at Meta, Yelp and Yahoo. Founder Crossing Career Chasms.

In my 20 year career as a product & engineering leader, I have led & scaled products at Meta, Yelp, Yahoo and VideoMining.

  • At Meta, I led teams building AI agents, content & product recommendations, teen safety & well-being, civic engagement and advertising products. I coached 250+ PMs at Meta.
  • At Yelp, I grew the services verticals and self-serve ads businesses.
  • At Yahoo, I supported the video platforms & personalization teams.
  • At VideoMining, I started led computer vision research and engineering to build AI driven products. I authored 20+ approved patents.

I left Meta recently to help people cross career chasms by developing leadership & product skills.

Follow me on LinkedIn.

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