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Practical AI Prompt Engineering with No Code

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Siqi Chen

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What you'll learn

How AI gives you superpowers

Why AI is the greatest invention since fire, but you don't need to be technical to leverage it

Get step-by-step prompts

Hands-on demo of real AI tools built at Runway

Build AI culture

How to build an AI culture in your own teams

Why this topic matters

There's lot's of fancy AI demos on the internet, but AI is not just for the technical. AI democratizes tool building so that anyone, even those without technical backgrounds, can build tools that save time, increase leverage, and give people superpowers. In this lesson, you'll learn detailed step-by-step prompts that Siqi uses to build AI tools without eng support.

You'll learn from

Siqi Chen

Founder & CEO of Runway

Siqi is the founder and CEO of Runway, an a16z-backed startup. Previously, he served as VP of Growth at Postmates, CEO of Hey, Inc, and Head of Product at Zynga.

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