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UX guardrails for AI

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Chris Butler

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What you'll learn

Learn to have conversations about the limits of AI

Through design policies, designers and product people can better describe desirable behavior.

Specify acceptable behavior, not functionality

With design policies you will create specifications that help dial in what is really important about your AI solution.

Why this topic matters

AI can provide capabilities that were previously not possible. But that also includes behavior that can be unacceptable if the appropriate guardrails aren't put in place. Those guardrails can't be specified in the traditional way that product specifications and designs were done. A new method using design policies can offer a way to talk about the right tradeoffs with teammates.

You'll learn from

Chris Butler

Staff Product Operations Manager at GitHub

GitHub, Google’s Core Machine Learning team, Google’s People + AI Guidebook, Cognizant, Facebook Reality Labs’ Portal device, IPsoft’s Amelia, and Philosophie’s design consulting work on AI.

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