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How to Bootstrap Your First Million

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Sam Parr, Jesse Pujji, and Andrew Warner

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What you'll learn

Discover your best business idea

Get clear techniques for finding and validating business ideas.

Land the right partners

Learn how to find business partners, suppliers, and other partners.

Sell to your first clients

Discover how a combination of online writing and personal calls will lead to your ideal first clients.

Why this topic matters

Founders are being lied to. They're being told that the right way to start a company is to raise money and burn it in search of product-market fit. But there's a better approach: the bootstrappers' approach puts customers and sales first. You'll see how it worked for us and how you can use it to bootstrap your company.

You'll learn from

Sam Parr

Founded: The Hustle, My First Million & Hampton

The Hustle, the newsletter read by 2.5 million

My First Million, the #1 business idea podcast

Hampton, the community of fast-growing startups

Jesse Pujji

Founded: Ampush, GrowthAssistant, GatewayX, Aux Insights

Ampush, the tech-enabled marketing company which sold for 8 figures.

GrowthAsisstant, the outsourced marketing team that generated $12 mil last year and on pace to do $20 mil this year.

Aux Insights, the private equity marketing advisor

Gateway X, the venture studio

Andrew Warner


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