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Automate Product Management Tasks with AI

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Mustafa Kapadia

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What you'll learn

Create user personas in minutes

Case Study: How Maya, senior PM at a large bank, used AI to create personas in just 1 hour. Instead of 3 weeks.

Step-by-step instructions

Exact prompts to generate great personas.

What else can you automate?

Beyond personas. Key tasks top PMs automate with AI.

Why this topic matters

AI is changing the way PMs work. Creating personas used to take days. Now it takes minutes. Join me to show you how top PMs use AI to automate tasks, save time, and surpass expectations. By the end of the session, you will become a pro at creating personas. And gain a deeper understanding of how AI can further assist you.

You'll learn from

Mustafa Kapadia

Founder | ex-Google, IBM, Deloitte | 20+ yrs in Products & Innovation

As a product coach, I've helped hundreds of PMs use AI for product development. I've seen firsthand, PMs working 10x faster, saving 80% of their time, and delivering high-quality work. The best part? They are seen as pioneers and it fast-tracks their careers. Now, I want to share my proven AI-enabled PM playbook and help you do the same.

I have over 20 years of experience in Product & Innovation. Most recently, I was the Global Head of Product at Google. Prior to that I ran the Innovation practice at IBM, and Deloitte. Currently, I am a founder at a stealth Generative AI startup.

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