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Uplevel Your Product Thinking Skills

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Satish Mummareddy

What you'll learn

Understand what product thinking looks like at top companies

Identify high impact product opportunities in ambiguous markets. Demonstrated with examples.

How to develop a cohesive & compelling product narrative

Apply rigorous thinking to market dynamics, user segments, user problems and creative solutions.

Leveraging patterns among the most common product types

Deliberate practice with 13 themes and 50 product types to accelerate your skills.

Demonstrating strong product thinking in interviews

Techniques to come up with compelling product narratives in a 35 min interview

Why this topic matters

People who have strong product thinking skills can identify compelling opportunities and have outsized impact. They have accelerated career growth. Strong product thinking skills help you run towards the most important problems in your current company and have impact right away. They also help you get jobs at the most sought after companies. For all roles: PM, Eng, Design, DS, UXR, PMM etc.

You'll learn from

Satish Mummareddy

Ex PM Leader at Meta, Yelp and Yahoo. Founder Crossing Career Chasms.

In my 20 year career as a product & engineering leader, I have led & scaled products at Meta, Yelp, Yahoo and VideoMining.

  • At Meta, I led teams building AI agents, content & product recommendations, teen safety & well-being, civic engagement and advertising products. I coached 250+ PMs at Meta.
  • At Yelp, I grew the services verticals and self-serve ads businesses.
  • At Yahoo, I supported the video platforms & personalization teams.
  • At VideoMining, I started led computer vision research and engineering to build AI driven products. I authored 20+ approved patents.

I left Meta recently to help people cross career chasms by developing leadership & product skills.

Follow me on LinkedIn.

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