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Career Jumpstart for Senior Creatives

Hosted by

Christian Garcia-Scheer

Wed, Sep 4, 2024

4:00 PM UTC (1 hour)

Virtual (Zoom)

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What you'll learn

Ignite action to get your career moving

Let’s start out with the basics and get you thinking about your career journey, the right way, wisely!

Tangible Results - NOW!

I focus on delivering practical, actionable insights that you can implement immediately to see real progress, now!

Built for all creative professionals

This cohort will provide you with the skills, strategies, and support you need to take your career to new heights.

Why this topic matters

My program that provides you with actionable insights and strategies for your career development journey!

You’ll receive fresh, career-specific content on emerging industry trends, and insights on Resume/CV writing, interview preparation, etiquette, personal branding, & networking, to get you onto a new, and exciting path to career success in today’s competitive market.

You'll learn from

Christian Garcia-Scheer

Award-Winning Creative Strategy Leader & Career Coach. (ex-Disney/Goldman Sachs/Bank of America)

Award-Winning Creative Strategist and Career Coach , currently based in Chicago. As a proud father of two, I bring a unique blend of global perspectives and innovative solutions to the table. With a track record of success spanning from one-man-show startups to Fortune 500 companies, I have earned a reputation as a Top-Performing career strategist professional Leader.

Throughout my career, I have built and led teams to remarkable success, fostering growth and development for both the companies he serves and the individuals within those teams. My ability to drive results and cultivate thriving careers has made me a sought-after expert in his field.

As an award-winning career coach, I have helped over 11,000 people in more than 17 countries navigate the complexities of career transitions and seize new opportunities.

My insights and guidance have empowered countless individuals to unlock their full potential and embark on transformative career journeys.

With a passion for inspiring others, I bring my wealth of experience and expertise to every engagement.

Whether you're looking to take your career to new heights or make a bold career change, I am here to help you take those first crucial steps into a new chapter of your professional life.

Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools you need to succeed. Join me on a transformative journey toward the career of your dreams.

Lastly, I've supported professionals from amazing companies like Disney, Meta, Bank of America, United Healthcare, Uber, Microsoft, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, The Home Depot, Willis Towers Watson, Google, Amazon, Crayola, Visa, Walmart, Taco Bell, IBM, and many more.

supported people at

Goldman Sachs
United Healthcare
Bank of America

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