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Dr. Ari Zelmanow

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What you'll learn

The POSTER Framework

Learn to use the last storytelling framework you’ll ever need so you can be confident your ideas will be heard

How to position your point of view (POV) for maximum impact

Organize your thinking so you can present your point of view or idea with confidence

How to show up—and be seen as—a consultant

Be seen as a partner and peer to senior leadership so you can stop asking for a seat at the table and just pull one up

Why this topic matters

You can have the best idea in the world. If you can't present it well—it dies. This Lightning Lesson will give you the tools to deliver business cases for maximum impact.

You'll learn from

Dr. Ari Zelmanow

Head of Experience Research at Twilio

I use detective-grade customer forensic analysis techniques to give go-to-market (GTM) teams the evidence they need to capture and keep more customers—with the tools and teams they already have.

Previously at

Panasonic USA

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