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Building Advanced Applications with LLMs

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Elvis Saravia

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What you'll learn

Getting Started

Learn advanced prompting techniques like chain-of-thought and few-shot learning for building LLM applications

The Tools

Familiarize yourself with tools like Flowise AI and LangChain for building applications with LLMs

Building Chatflows

Bringing everything together to effectively build applications that combine LLMs with external tools and data sources

Why this topic matters

Building out common use cases and applications with LLMs requires an understanding of how to leverage advanced prompting techniques and tools. From there, we will show you how to effectively build complex applications (e.g., agentic workflows and RAG systems) with LLMs.

You'll learn from

Elvis Saravia

Founder & Lead AI Scientist @ DAIR.AI | Prev: Meta AI, Galactica LLM, Elastic

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