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Reverse Engineering Product-Market Fit

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Rahul Vohra and Gagan Biyani

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What you'll learn

4 key questions to ask your users

Construct a survey to measure product-market fit using 4 key questions that reveal critical user insights

Identify your "High Expectation Customer"

How to analyze survey responses and segment your users to identify your most discerning (and valuable) customer

Ruthlessly prioritize

How to focus only on the feature requests that matter to convert more users to love your product

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To get the basics of Rahul's framework, check out his article before this lesson:

Why this topic matters

Join Rahul Vohra (CEO of Superhuman) and Gagan Biyani (CEO of Maven) to discuss an actionable framework to measure and systematically increase your product-market fit. Rahul will dive into the 4 key questions to ask your users, profiling your highest-value customers, prioritizing feedback, and operationalizing the approach company-wide.

You'll learn from

Rahul Vohra

Founder & CEO of Superhuman

Rahul Vohra is the founder and CEO of Superhuman, an email client focused on speed and productivity. Previously, he founded Rapportive, a Gmail plugin acquired by LinkedIn.

Gagan Biyani

Co-founder & CEO of Maven

Gagan is the co-founder & CEO of Maven, a marketplace for cohort-based courses taught by experts in AI, product, leadership and more. Previously, he co-founded Udemy, Sprig, and was a growth advisor to Lyft.

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