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Customer interviews that work and why

Hosted by

Pete Mauro

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What you'll learn

How to ask questions that reveal customer problems

Real examples of questions that work and how to avoid common ones that fail

How to segment your customers to get actionable data

Learn how to select the right people to talk to so you don’t waste your team’s time with bad data

How to get people to talk to you

Learn a framework that will encourage people to meet with you and provide unbiased information

Why this topic matters

As a product leader, knowing how to talk to customers will allow you to understand customer pain points, focus your team and de-risk your business. At the end of the lesson, you’ll know what it takes to uncover valuable insights from your customer conversations.

You'll learn from

Pete Mauro

3x Founder and Product Leader | ex Microsoft, Nokia, Warner Bros. Discovery

Pete Mauro helped Eric Reis launch his best-selling book “The Lean Startup” while running LeanLA, one of the largest organizations for founders. 

Mauro has 13 years of experience helping hundreds of entrepreneurial product leaders to develop the skills to successfully launch new products.

Previously at

Warner Bros. Discovery

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