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LLM Agents: Do I Need Them for my Use Case?

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Amir Feizpour, PhD

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What you'll learn

Where do agents come from?

We will cover a brief history of what intelligent agents are all about.

What is the LLM agents hype all about?

Then we will look at what capabilities LLM agents have and why you should care.

Should I use LLM agents in my use case?

Finally, we will discuss a decision process around using agents in your specific use cases.

Why this topic matters

LLM Agents have been the rage recently and a lot of people are building or using them. Regardless of your role, developer or founder, if you are thinking about building with LLMs, you must have thought about the question: should I care about LLM agents for my use case? We will help you answer this question.

You'll learn from

Amir Feizpour, PhD

Founder, Aggregate Intellect

Amir Feizpour is the founder of Aggregate Intellect (, building a generative business brain for service and science based companies. Amir has built and grown a global community of 5000+ AI practitioners and researchers gathered around topics in AI research, engineering, product development, and responsibility. Prior to this, Amir was an NLP Product Lead at Royal Bank of Canada. Amir held a research position at University of Oxford conducting experiments on quantum computing resulting in high profile publications and patents. Amir holds a PhD in Physics from University of Toronto.

Previously at

University of Toronto
University of Oxford
aggregate intellect

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