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Learn Sleep Well Investing 🛌

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Chandan Maloo

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What you'll learn

Master the art and science of long term equity investing

Most investors are scared of markets, Join me to learn Sleep Well Investing 🛌 and spend quality time with family/friend

Most investors think of speculating with Stocks

My goal is to ensure You do not pay huge tuition when investing in Stock Markets

Most investors have no baseline on how to value a Business

Help make your hard earned money compound at a wonderful rate while you sleep.

Become Business Pickers 💚

We want you to become Business Pickers vs Stock Pickers!! 💚

Why this topic matters

Most investors have no idea on what things to look for before making the Buy/Sell decision on a Stock. I was in the same boat 10+ years ago but by following Super Investors and looking at the patterns, have learned a lot and looking forward to sharing the journey with all of you.

making the session 1 hour 30 mins, this way we have plenty of time.

You'll learn from

Chandan Maloo

Sleep Well Investor 🛌 for 5+ years >> LinkededIn:

10+ years of long term investing experience!

Software engineer - Airbnb, Ex Smartsheet Ex Amazon, Ex Twitter, BITS - Pilani, India


⭐️ This lightning course will be foundational to your investing journey as well help you get Behavioral Edge, which is missing in investors of today!

⭐️ I do not want anyone to pay huge tuition money by investing in stocks and loose their hard earned capital

⭐️ Losses are painful as Daniel Kahneman as shared in his wonderful book "Thinking Fast and Slow"

⭐️ Giving Back what I have learned through wonderful super investors like Terry Smith, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet, Chuck Akre and countless others for this initial foundational course

⭐️ Checkout lesson done with my local community:



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