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Building and monetizing AI apps

Hosted by

Max Haining and Scott Meyer

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What you'll learn

Build a custom AI app without code

Learn how to build your own AI app ⚡️

Get real businness value with AI

See how you can implement and share your AI app without code 💡

Monetize your AI apps

Discover how you can earn money with your AI app right from the start 💰

Why this topic matters

It's easier than ever now to create your own AI apps. It's still early, so learning how build and monetize them gives you a big advantage.

You'll learn from

Max Haining

Founder of the No-code x AI Bootcamp

Coming from a non-technical background, Max discovered in 2020 how you can build literally anything today without writing any code ⚡️ Now he helps ten thousands of people to do the same with the 100 School, including the No-Code x AI Bootcamp. Max is on a mission to make tech accessible for everyone 💯

Scott Meyer

Founder of Chipp.AI

Our special guest for today is Scott Meyer: founder and CEO of Chipp.AI, on a mission to help you build and sell your AI apps.


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