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AI Deployment - How to Leverage AI Across Your Business

Hosted by

May Habib

What you'll learn

Full Stack Approach and Why it Matters

Why a full stack approach makes for turn key LLM and generative AI deployment.


How to think about your business data, leverage what you currently have, and make your data work for you.

Move Out of Testing

How to get started with generative AI, move out of testing phases and into actual deployment across the business.

Real World Applications of AI Today

Hear about some of the best use cases for generative AI today and future use cases for tomorrow.

Why this topic matters

Generative AI = ROI for your business. The number one thing we hear when speaking to businesses considering leveraging AI is that they do not know where to start. It feels daunting, expensive and time consuming, but this lesson will give you the keys to unlock generative AI and its inevitable impact across your business.

You'll learn from

May Habib

CEO and Co-Founder of Writer

May Habib is CEO and co-founder of Writer, the only fully integrated generative AI platform built for enterprises. Leading companies such as Vanguard, Intuit, L'Oreal, Accenture, Spotify, and Uber choose Writer to help them ‌automate key operational activities and increase employee creativity and productivity.

May is an expert in AI-driven language generation, AI-related organizational change, and the evolving ways we use language online.

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