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How to Train a Custom GPT to Prepare for Interviews

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Marily Nika

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What you'll learn

Train a customGPT for any role at any company

Using a premium account, use OpenAI to create your own customGPT

Leverage AI to anticipate key topics and questions

Use your custom GPT to identify the most relevant and likely interview questions

Build your confidence with personalized prep time

Train your customGPT to provide feedback and improve your responses

Why this topic matters

In a downsizing world, being great at interviews is critical. To stand out, you need to anticipate exactly how a hiring manager might challenge and probe you. This means days of in-depth research for every role you apply to! But using AI-leveraged workflows can give you a powerful advantage. Learn how to create your own custom GPT that can give you personalized feedback for your interviews.

You'll learn from

Marily Nika

AI Product Lead @Google, ex-Meta, Fellow @Harvard,

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Based in Silicon Valley, Dr. Marily Nika is an award-winning AI Product Management leader & one of the world's best AI educators, with 12+ years of experience at Google & Meta & with a PhD in Machine Learning.

Marily has created the best AI Product Course on Maven and the first AI Product Bootcamp. Marily is also a keynote speaker (TED AI / 3 x TEDx) and has been recognized for her contributions in AI & tech several times: Medal of Outstanding Achievement, WISE Influence Award (Women in Science & Engineering by Princess Anne), 2020's Top 100 Women in tech, 2021's Emerging Leader Award (Imperial College London), 2021's 40 under 40 list.

Marily is also an Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School where she teaches AI Product Management.

She has taught over 3k students on Maven and offers these courses:


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