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The Art of Unbiased User Interviews

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Elizabeth Creighton, PhD

Wed, Jul 17, 2024

4:00 PM UTC (30 minutes)

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What you'll learn

The causes & effects of bias in interviews

Understand how your actions impact the quality of your data -- and the product decisions that result from it.

My favourite strategies to limit bias

Build a toolkit of specific, proven steps you can take to improve your interviews immediately.

What to do if you mess up!

Practice pivoting and "de-biasing" questions on the fly, because even the most seasoned interviewers mistakes.

Why this topic matters

If the data you collect from your conversations with customers is tainted with bias, it's worse than useless -- it can actively harm your company by guiding it in the wrong direction. This talk teaches you exactly what you can do to limit bias in your interviews and start making smarter, more confident product & design decisions.

You'll learn from

Elizabeth Creighton, PhD

Founder of Brazen UX | ex-Shopify | 1,000+ interviews conducted

With 16 years of experience conducting impactful research, Elizabeth has shaped the design of hundreds of websites, apps, services, and physical products for companies such as Shopify, Mozilla, Instacart, MTV, and Meta. Her experience is complemented by a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, which gives her a deep understanding of how users think, behave, learn, and remember. When she isn't running user interviews, Elizabeth teaches training workshops on user interview skills for conferences, clients, and the Maven and O'Reilly Media platforms.

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