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Prioritizing Research for Impact

Hosted by

Carol Rossi

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What you'll learn

Know when research is needed and when it's not

Focus limited time and resources on research that's aligned to business objectives and impact

Learn a proven prioritization framework

Using an Uncertainty + Risk + Cost framework, you'll know when it's time for research and when you already know enough

Be confident the right people are prioritizing ...

... whether you're doing quarterly planning or having a quick Slack chat to decide whether more research is needed

Why this topic matters

We have limited time and resources. You need to be sure you're focused on only doing research that will add value and de-risk decisions. But how do you know if you already have enough data to make a sound product decision? Does all research need to be tied to a specific initiative, or should you be talking to customers regularly regardless of what’s on your roadmap?

You'll learn from

Carol Rossi

Founder, Carol Rossi Consulting

Carol leads a consultancy focused on helping organizations see maximum impact from customer insights, whether or not they have an internal research team. She provides 1:1 coaching/advising and group training, through either internal engagements with companies or via public workshops on Maven. She's been working in user experience for over 25 years. Carol started the research practice at Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds from scratch, and led user research at NerdWallet. 

Carol holds Master's degrees in both Human Factors and Dance Ethnology. She's been an invited speaker on several podcasts, meetups, and conferences, and has published articles in books on user research best practices.

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