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The Role of Data Quality in AI

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Chad Sanderson

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What you'll learn

Understand the critical importance of data quality in AI

Learn how data quality is crucial for AI success, impacting decision-making and outcomes.

5 common data quality issues

Explore the 5 most frequent data quality problems that can derail AI projects

Enhance your data quality

Discover foundational strategies and best practices for improving your data quality

Why this topic matters

Data is the foundation of AI. Poor data leads to faulty models and unreliable results. Ensuring data quality isn't just about maintaining databases—it's about empowering your AI systems to deliver precise and actionable insights. In this lesson, you'll get a playbook of best practices and common pitfalls for data quality.

You'll learn from

Chad Sanderson

CEO of, seasoned data leader, and O'Reilly author

A prominent figure in the Data industry, having held key positions at leading companies such as Convoy, Microsoft, Sephora, Subway, and Oracle. He is also the author of the upcoming O'Reilly book, "Data Contracts," which is expected to make significant contributions to the field. Chad's diverse experience and innovative approach to data management have established him as a thought leader and a driving force in technology.

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