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No-Cringe Personal Brand Building on Linkedin

Hosted by

Courtney Johnson

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What you'll learn

WHY Linkedin

You'll learn why Linkedin is the most valuable career tool for long-term income growth.

Overcoming Cringe

You'll learn how to set up a cringe-free Linkedin strategy.

Getting Started on Linkedin

You'll learn to optimize your profile, engage, and build your audience.

Why this topic matters

You don't get to decide whether you have a personal brand or not. Your personal brand already exists, and it's the single most valuable career tool for opportunities, income, and personal development.

You'll learn from

Courtney Johnson

Content Creator, Entrepreneur, Personal Brand Manager for Tech CEOs

Courtney Johnson has worked with 1,000s of professionals and entrepreneurs on Linkedin, generating millions in revenue for her clients. She has a social media audience of over 300,000 where she shares insights on marketing, personal brand, and career.

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