Learn and apply LLMs in practical AI

Courses that teach practical applications of LLMs in AI. Develop foundational knowledge of fine-tuning LLMs using PyTorch, and learn how to build LLM pipelines and deploy them. Gain insights into LLOPS and engineering using cloud AWS and Azure. Improve understanding of available LLMs and learn practical examples of leveraging generative AI in newsroom workflows. Develop relationships with others in the cohort to learn from each other and stay connected after the course. Career transition into AI Strategy or PM role with a better understanding of LLMs. Reinforce practical ML/LLM fundamentals to bootstrap a startup. Master LLM to become an expert in generative AI and contribute to innovative solutions. Gain technical understanding of AI, including LLMs and the tools available. Write production-ready code for LLM applications and apply for AI engineer positions.
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