Aug 11, 2023

The 6 Best Online Investing Courses of 2023

This article focuses on six diverse investment courses which are taught by industry experts over interactive and engaging learning environments. The courses cover investment topics ranging from financial statement analysis to venture capital.

What is the best way to learn investing?

The best way to learn investing is by starting to invest in small amounts and learning along the way. Consult financial news and online investing courses led by experts (like the ones below). It's important to start with an amount that you're willing to lose. Early on, the goal is to learn how to invest effectively, not necessarily make a profit right away.
Smart personal finance starts with making your money work for you. Investing education can lead to sound investment strategies to help you navigate the global financial markets. Investment courses, whether they cover basic investment skills, options trading, or fixed income securities, can help you improve your financial management and risk management.
The online courses below are a collection of expert-led investment classes from former financial analysts, portfolio managers. Start investing, build your retirement portfolio or simply get a solid understanding of investing.
The best investment course is the one that helps you accomplish your own goals at your own pace.

Financial Statements Explained Simply

⭐️ 9.3 (191 ratings)
Financial Statements Explained Simply is a two-week, cohort-based course designed to transform professionals from rookies to pros in understanding and interpreting financial statements.

Hosted by Brian Feroldi and Brian Stoffel, the course aims to demystify finance and technical analysis and help students make better investment decisions.
What to Expect?
The course covers the three key financial documents – income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement – in detail, enabling students to locate important information, analyze financial statements, and identify potential warning signs.

The program also teaches useful calculation ratios and how to separate noise from signal. Upon completion, students will be able to think like an investor and make stellar financial decisions.
What Do People Think of This Course?
As one student, Sunny Sharma, put it:
Brian and Brian make the learning process interesting, efficient, and fun! Highly recommended!
Helena Wu, another student, offers high praise for the course's ability to explain financial statements,
If you want to understand the key financial documents of a company, this course is a must. It will make you a better investor.

Anyone Can Invest Now

⭐️ 10.0 (84 ratings)
Discover the Anyone Can Invest Now course, a 10-week transformative journey led by financial expert Andy Gupta, ex-Goldman Sachs and Harvard Business School alumnus.
What to Expect?
Gain the confidence to navigate the stock market and create a personalized investment portfolio that meets your unique needs. Overcome psychological barriers, clarify your money goals, and develop a long-term wealth-building strategy.

Learn key investment principles, demystify industry jargon, and understand the power of compounding, correlation, and asset allocation. Build a close-knit community of fellow investors, forming an "Investment Committee" to share ideas and discuss market insights.

Sleep better at night knowing you've applied Nobel Prize-winning risk reduction approaches. Spend just one hour a week monitoring your portfolio using Andy's tools and techniques. Benefit from personalized guidance and feedback, creating four iterations of your investment portfolio and optimizing it for your risk tolerance.
What Do People Think of This Course?
Rachel, a delighted participant shared the transformative impact of Andy's course, highlighting not only its practical application but its personal significance.
Through Andy's course, I finally overcame my fear of investing. This transformative experience went beyond building a portfolio, it empowered me and provided deep personal insight. It felt like Andy was my trusted companion on this life-changing journey.
She emphasized the self-confidence and knowledge she gained, marking this as a milestone in her financial journey.

Valuation Explained Simply

⭐️ 9.2 (59 ratings)
Valuation Explained Simply is a four-week, investing course hosted by Brian Feroldi and Brian Stoffel.
What to Expect?
The course aims to demystify the complex subject of business valuation, teaching participants six professional valuation methods. These methods include multiples, discounted cash flow models, earnings power, yields, and understanding the business growth cycle.

The course also introduces the valuation mindset spectrum to help learners understand different investor perspectives on the stock market and valuation.

Additionally, it covers big-picture valuation methods favored by venture capitalists, such as total addressable market and serviceable addressable market. Common valuation multiples, shareholder yields, and value investing in the digital age are also included in the curriculum.
What Do People Think of This Course?
A student, Helena Wu, expressed that,
Brian & Brian are genuinely fun people who love teaching and REALLY care about student outcomes.
The course is ideal for anyone wanting to make better investment decisions through a deeper understanding of business valuation.

Halal-Conscious Investing

⭐️ 9.3 (15 ratings)
Halal-Conscious Investing is a three-week, investing education hosted by Rakaan Kayali, CFA, an established authority in the field of halal investing.
What to Expect?
The course aims to transform you into a savvy, halal-conscious investor, providing clarity on halal vs haram in investments and teaching you to profitably manage your own investment portfolio. It also helps to build a customized investment-ready portfolio tailored to your specific financial aspirations.

The course covers key principles of investment strategies, methods to evaluate sharia compliance of stocks and funds, strategies to identify promising stocks, and techniques for portfolio management and profit purification.

The course also promotes a close-knit group of halal-conscious companions for ongoing support and fresh perspectives.
What Do People Think of This Course?
One student, Khaled Shawwa, praised the course for its comprehensive and practical lectures and its interactive format that encourages questions and discussions.

Irra Yulianti, another student, emphasized the course's value in aligning investment choices with Islamic principles and providing valuable techniques for decision-making.

The investment course is designed for both beginners and experienced investors interested in aligning their financial activities with Islamic principles.

Venture Capital 101 - The Basics

⭐️ 9.2 (66 ratings)
Venture Capital 101 - The Basics is a comprehensive course designed to equip aspiring venture capitalists with the skills needed to thrive in the industry. Hosted by Meagan Loyst, a Forbes 30U30 VC, and Founder of Gen Z VCs, the course runs over 5 weeks.
What to Expect?
Participants will learn essential VC skills such as sourcing, diligence, portfolio support, and personal brand building. The course aims to build investor confidence and conviction, help participants identify their unique strengths to support founders and funds, and cultivate personal brand and areas of expertise.

The curriculum covers understanding the VC/Growth landscape, fundamentals of early-career investing, active brand building, and finding personal superpower as an investor.

All sessions are recorded, ensuring flexibility for those who cannot attend live. As part of the broader Gen Z VCs community, the course also provides a global network of like-minded peers.
What Do People Think of This Course?
An investor, Ben Grosse, expressed how Meagan significantly assisted him in breaking into the VC sector right after college. With a wide variety of investing courses available, it was Meagan's the made the difference. The course emphasizes active, hands-on learning with live workshops and is ideal for both busy professionals and students.

Venture Fluent

⭐️ 9.7 (15 ratings)
Venture Fluent is a live, online, cohort-based course that aims to make the often intimidating world of venture capital (VC) accessible and engaging.

Taught by Jorge M. Torres, a Yale University lecturer with a wealth of VC experience, the course equips students with the knowledge, frameworks, and lingo used by successful VC investors.
What to Expect?
Over six weeks, participants will learn to deconstruct the language of early-stage investment, engage in insightful conversations with experienced investors, and create an investment portfolio that demonstrates their investment acumen.

The course also encourages the building of a lifelong professional network, with fellow students who share similar objectives.
What Do People Think of This Course?
One student, Gabrielle Fong, appreciated the course's clarity and comprehensiveness, stating that it taught her the fundamentals of VC and provided resources to continue her learning journey.

Another student, Paulo Gaviria, commended Jorge's ability to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and excitement within the cohort. The course is suitable for anyone looking to understand VC, regardless of their previous experience or professional background.

More Investing Courses

Maven's online investment courses offer a comprehensive and diverse range of investment learning opportunities.

These highly-rated investment courses cater to various financial interests and skill levels, from beginners to experienced investors. They not only present academic knowledge but also foster interactive communities for learners, further promoting peer learning and discussion.

Maven's proven teaching methods and commitment to quality education have been instrumental in helping countless individuals navigate the complex world of the stock market, financial planning, and investing.

Whether you are interested in understanding financial statements, building an investment portfolio, exploring venture capital, or aligning your financial activities with specific principles, Maven is your reliable partner on this financial journey.
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