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Building Enterprise RAG Solutions

Hosted by

Hamza Farooq

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What you'll learn

Learn differences between Enterprise RAG and Normal RAG

The architecture and features that differentiate Enterprise RAG.

Examples of Enterprise RAG

Explore how Enterprise RAG is implemented with real-life examples.

An overview on Security and Compliance

We will delve into the intricacies of Open Source and Industry LLMs.

Why this topic matters

There is a lot of confusion on how AI can be used and concerns about security and compliance. This course will help bridge that gap and help identify use cases and in-depth overview of Enterprise RAG.

You'll learn from

Hamza Farooq

Founder & CEO | Adjunct Professor UCLA & Stanford

I am a Founder by day and Professor by night. My work revolves in the realm of LLMs and Multi-Modal Systems.

My startup, was built with one vision: provide scalable LLM Solutions for Startups and Enterprises, which can seamlessly integrate within the existing ecosystem, while being customizable and cost efficient.

Previously at

Stanford University

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