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Quickstart Guide to Mastering Your FutureTEDx Talk

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Arthur Zards

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What you'll learn

Perfect Your TEDx Pitch- Get Accepted

Discover and rectify common errors in your TEDx pitch to enhance your presentation's impact so you can get that spot.

Elevate Your Idea with Three Key Concepts - Stand Out

Gain three potent tools to instantly enhance your idea and dramatically boost your TEDx content's appeal.

Mastering Visuals for Maximum Impact

Explore essential components to utilize visuals effectively and elevate the impact of your TEDx talk.

Why this topic matters

Many aspiring TEDx speakers miss their chance to shine due to avoidable mistakes. This course teaches you how to sidestep these common pitfalls and equips you with powerful, yet simple tools to refine your ideas. By mastering these skills, you'll ensure that your presentation makes a memorable impact, putting your best foot forward.

You'll learn from

Arthur Zards

TEDx producer & speaker with 42+ million speaker views | Founder Swarm Effect™ speaking

Arthur has 15 years of speaker and content experience working directly with the TED organization and mentoring and producing numerous TEDx events and workshops.

He is a self-described TED fanatic and is the founder and executive director of TEDxNaperville, the Midwest’s longest-running TEDx event since 2010. His events have challenged the norms in speaker content , delivery, and the attendee/sponsor experience resulting in leading lectures and workshops for numerous organizations including TED and TED Global on speaker content and creating engaging experiences. 

A recent launch is Swarm Effect ™ speaking, a speaker development model that enables anyone without regard to speaking experience to communicate with impact, grab attention, and get swarmed by the audience when finished speaking.

Arthur’s unique approach blends a TED-style of conversational speaking, content curation and experience design to transform speakers’ ideas into massive impact and engagement.

He has worked with a diverse mix of speakers including students, educators, home-makers, organizational leaders, civic leaders, millionaires, billionaires, Olympic athletes, and even a few astronauts.

Speakers working directly with Arthur have over 42 million collective TED/TEDx online views and growing.

Arthur believes everyone has an idea worth sharing and is tired of the current state of corporate communications.

Arthur believes that “Corporate speak” based keynotes, presentations, and sale pitches just have to go.

A few Organizations Impacted

Johnson & Johnson

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