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How to nail your next Exec Product Review

Hosted by

Tom Leung

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What you'll learn

How to create the most important slide of any deck

We'll do a line by line tear down of some examples of exec summaries and compare the good, bad, and ugly.

How to develop the right mindset for a successful review

Discuss examples of how Tom thinks about his team's product reviews and how he prepare for his own high stakes reviews.

Answers to your burning PM career questions

Ask Tom anything. He's a 5-star Maven instructor, formerly a top 4% rated Google PM director, and 5-star PM coach.

Why this topic matters

Product reviews, love them or hate them, can make or break a PM's career. They are not only essential for your project's funding and success but also for your standing and upwards mobility on the PM career ladder. In this session, you will improve your approach to prepping for an exec product review and thus increase the success rate for your project and career.

You'll learn from

Tom Leung

Former Google PM Director

Tom has been a reviewer for hundreds of product reviews for his own teams of directors, GPM's, and PMs. He has also been a lead presenter for exec reviews for Larry, Sergey, Eric Schmidt, and SVP's in Ads, YouTube, and Research. As an angel investor, Tom also reviews multiple product pitches per week.

Previously at

Harvard University
Stanford University

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