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AI ft your Brain: How to beat your digital dementia

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Dr. Boris N. Konrad

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What you'll learn

Does AI think & learn like us?

Where is AI passing human performance levels and where won´t it? Get an idea of the limits and possibilities of AI

How to double or even triple your memory

We'll teach you the tricks that I used to memorize over 250 names in 15 minutes and a deck of cards in 2 minutes

How to keep your memory at peak performance

Use it or lose it. How to keep control over your brain and learning in an age where technology is rapidly replacing it

Why this topic matters

AI is massive and won´t go away. Not less important is the influence of AI on our brain and the way we think. Digital Dementia is the cognitive decline and memory problems that result from excessive use of digital technology and information overload. Chances are you have a decreased ability to focus and remember We will teach you to combine memory techniques and AI to achieve incredible results.

You'll learn from

Dr. Boris N. Konrad

8x Memory World Champion | Neuroscientist | Speaker | Author | Guinness book of records

"I'm not smart, I'm just well trained".

He studied Physics and Computer Science simultaneously and has since worked as a researcher at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior at Radboud University Nijmegen.

In addition, he is an eight-time Memory Sports World Champion, holds four Guinness World Records, won Germany’s Super Brain and many other awards, including the 5-Star-Speaker Award.

With Braindrills he helps people to improve their memory and performance based on the methods used by world champions.

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