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Build AI Assistants with No-Code

Hosted by

Max Haining and Harold Dijkstra

What you'll learn

Build AI assistants

Use Zapier Central to build powerful assistants for your business

Automate your workflows

Connect your AI bots to the tools you use to run your daily operations, such as Google Sheets, Notion and Slack

Build MVPs with your AI assistant

Bring your product ideas to life with the help of your AI assistants

Why this topic matters

With all the No-Code x AI tools around you don't need to hire an expensive team anymore to build your own ideas. Instead you can build a team of AI assistants now to support you. Learning how to build these assistants (bots) will give you super powers ⚡️

You'll learn from

Max Haining

Founder of #100DaysOfAI and #100DaysOfNoCode

Coming from a non-technical background, Max discovered in 2020 how he can build anything without writing any code. Now he helps ten thousands of people to do the same with the 100 School, on a mission to make tech accessible for everyone 💯

Harold Dijkstra

Host of the No-Code x AI Bootcamp

No-Code x AI opened many new doors for Harold. Finally being able to build MVP's and automate his work all by himself, gives a lot of freedom and autonomy ⚡️

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