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Future-Proofing Your Data Science Career

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Akshika Wijesundara, PhD and Shailvi Wakhlu

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What you'll learn

Identifying and Promoting Data Science Talent

Learn to spot and nurture high-performing data scientists.

Avoiding Career Pitfalls in Data Science

Identify and steer clear of common career setbacks.

Building Cross-Functional Buy-In for Data Science Projects

Secure support for your data science work across teams.

Why this topic matters

This session is essential for aspiring data scientists looking to advance in their careers. Covering topics from talent management and career advancement strategies to self-advocacy and the evolving impact of AI, it provides invaluable insights. Understanding these aspects empowers data scientists to navigate and excel in a competitive field.

You'll learn from

Akshika Wijesundara, PhD

ML lead at MainStreet Partners | Ex-ML Engineer at MIT-IDC | ML PhD

Akshika is a leader in AI innovation for financial services where he heads Machine Learning at MainStreet Partners. In addition, he also serves as an advisor and CTO at Tilli Kids (backed by Google and UNICEF). Akshika holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and completed his postdoctoral research at King's College London. He is an alum of the Oxford ML summer school and a recipient of the UK global talent visa for his exceptional talent in the field of machine learning.

Shailvi Wakhlu

Ex-Head of Data at Strava, Fitbit | Author of "Self-Advocacy" | 16+ Years Building Tech Products

Shailvi is a seasoned Data Leader with over sixteen years of experience building technology products. She has spoken at nearly 100 global conferences and Fortune 500 events, coached close to 500 individuals, and authored the best-selling book "Self-Advocacy." Her career includes notable roles at Salesforce, Fitbit, and as the Head of Data at Strava.

Previously at

MIT research group

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