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Building Responsible GenAI Products

Hosted by

Mahesh Yadav

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What you'll learn

Gain Leadership Buy-in For Your AI strategy

What AI laws to consider in your product strategy and how to avoid costly compliance mistakes.

Ethical AI Design Framework

Get a legal and ethical AI design template for building responsible AI products

Manage Legal Risks

Understand the legal risks of GenAI products and how to iterate quickly.

Why this topic matters

As a Gen AI product lead at Google, I've led multiple AI projects under the most intense legal scrutiny. In this lesson, I will share the frameworks I use to build products that are both innovative AND safe for users. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of the nuances of these laws and how to integrate it into your AI product development.

You'll learn from

Mahesh Yadav

GenAI Product Lead at Google, previously at Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft

Mahesh Yadav is a Product Leader at Google GenAI team. Mahesh is one of the world's top AI executives and an award-winning AI Product Educator. His work on AI has been featured in the Nvidia GTC conference, Microsoft Build, and Meta blogs.

Mahesh has 20 years of experience in building products at Meta, Microsoft and AWS AI teams. Mahesh has worked in all layers of the AI stack from AI chips to LLM and has a deep understanding of how GenAI companies ship value to customers.

Currently, he leads AI agent at Google Cloud where it is used extensively for Gemini and other key Google products.

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