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Be More Effective: the Secret to Persuasive Communication

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Sheila O'Sullivan

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What you'll learn

Why do I succeed at persuasion sometimes and fail others?

We all have one Communication Comfort Zone. Knowing when and how to step out of it will vastly improve your results.

How do I know what to adapt in my communication?

How do I nail it more than fail it? Learn a framework where small behavior changes can help you be more persuasive.

How do I identify my Communication Comfort Zone?

Understand the key differences between zones and their strengths and weaknesses.

Why this topic matters

The difference between spinning your wheels and blasting across the finish line is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your Communication Comfort Zone. You are most effective when you express your ideas in the way your audience needs to hear them. How they need to hear it is usually different from how you feel comfortable saying it. One simple tool can help you navigate across zones.

You'll learn from

Sheila O'Sullivan

CSO, COO, Certified communications trainer

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