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AI Product Management Bootcamp - Alumni Panel

Hosted by

Marily Nika

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What you'll learn

Real-World Applicability and Career Advancement

Alumni will share how the skills and knowledge gained from the bootcamp have directly enhanced their career

Confidence in building with AI

Attendees will learn about the confidence alumni experienced in building and launching AI products

Strategic Insight into AI Product Management

The panel will reveal how alumni have used the strategic insights gained from the bootcamp (Advanced Portion)

How Networking has unlocked opportunities for them

Alumni gets access to a unique community that has meetups, career opportunities etc for them

Why this topic matters

Why do you believe students should care about it? Big picture, what's the professional benefit of understanding it? Give students an idea of how they can expect to grow with this lesson.

You'll learn from

Marily Nika

AI PM Lead @ Google / ex-Meta, Fellow @ Harvard Business School, taught 5k AI PM

Harvard University

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