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How To Kill Being Nice at Work

Hosted by

Saqib Rasool

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What you'll learn

Master Your Executive Voice

Reclaim your power and learn how to be direct and speak with authority.

Foster Meaningful Relationships

Don't tolerate BS at work & develop more authentic relationships. Build trust & respect for better teamwork.

Recognize and Transform Disempowering Moods

Identify moods such as resentment, heroic suffering, & inauthentic serenity. Learn techniques to transform these moods.

Why this topic matters

"Kill Being Nice” is not about being rude but about developing courage and authenticity in relationships. In this session, we'll discuss the importance of abandoning the pretense of being nice and the need to stop tolerating waste and inauthentic behavior at work. We'll also explore the virtue of being direct and how to balance tolerance with asserting boundaries.

You'll learn from

Saqib Rasool

CEO at Conceivian | Ex-PM at Microsoft

25+ years of experience building winning teams and coaching entrepreneurs to success | Expanding Human Potential w/ AI


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