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Build Your AI-Powered Content Engine

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Pete Huang

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What you'll learn

My framework for sustainable content creation

The secrets to how I consistently and sustainably produce content over months/years at The Neuron.

Use AI chatbots to rework existing content

A hands-on demo of how I repurpose content using AI chatbots.

Develop high-quality content ideas faster

How I avoid the "blank canvas" problem, even at high content volumes.

Why this topic matters

Let's face it: content creation is both a top priority in the 21st century *and* extremely daunting. What most content creators won't tell you is that the two main failure modes are 1) lack of ideas and 2) burnout. In this lesson, I'll be sharing a system that I've workshopped with top creators that helps make content creation more sustainable.

You'll learn from

Pete Huang

Co-founder at The Neuron

Pete is the co-founder of The Neuron, a daily AI newsletter with over 400K+ readers. He previously lead revenue and product strategy at leading tech companies and advised F500 enterprises on tech and IT strategy at McKinsey & Company.


McKinsey & Company

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