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The Ultimate Website Upgrade: Build Your Own AI Chatbots

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Dr. Uohna June Thiessen

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What you'll learn

Build Your Own AI chatbot using a no-code

I show you how to build a fully functional AI chatbot using a **no-code** platform, customized with your data and goals.

Learn to choose the right no-code AI chatbot platform

Understand the essential elements of a successfully choosing between the many AI-chatbot building platform.

Discover how your website chatbot can expand your business

Discover how your chatbot can help you generate leads and personalize response to inquiries for better user experience.

Why this topic matters

Creating a fully functional AI chatbot using a no-code platform is accessible to everyone, requiring no prior tech knowledge. This hands-on course provides practical skills and step-by-step guidance to customize chatbots for personal or professional use. Whether a business owner, student, or curious individual, you'll learn to enhance operations, generate leads, and automate tasks effectively.

You'll learn from

Dr. Uohna June Thiessen

Director of AI @ Nextelligence, formerly Meta, Caltech | Scientist, statistician, educator | Generative AI, consumer marketing, consultant.

Dr. Uohna Thiessen, a distinguished AI strategist and educator, heads Nextelligence's AI division. With ten years of expertise, she has made significant contributions to sectors like healthcare and marketing. She holds a Ph.D. in Statistics and has crafted and instructed AI courses at prestigious institutions. Dr. Thiessen's global impact ranges from shaping Nextelligence's AI strategies to launching pioneering AI education initiatives. Through podcasts, a TikTok channel, writings, and research, she tirelessly works to democratize AI education, igniting inspiration among future professionals.

Kettering College
McKinsey & Company

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