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Building internal portals with No-Code x AI

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Max Haining and JJ Englert

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What you'll learn

Build internal portals with No-Code x AI

Learn how to build custom solutions for your team without writing any code

Create custom apps for all your business needs

Turn your spreadsheets and databases into powerful tools whenever you need it

Leverage your internal powers

Build what your team needs all by yourself, without depending on others

Why this topic matters

In today's fast-changing world, it's important for teams to be able to quickly adapt to new business opportunities. Being able to build custom internal portals without waiting for IT support makes your team more agile and ready for everything your business needs.

You'll learn from

Max Haining

Founder of the No-code x AI Bootcamp

Coming from a non-technical background, Max discovered in 2020 how you can build literally anything today without writing any code ⚡️ Now he helps ten thousands of people to do the same with the 100 School, including the No-Code x AI Bootcamp. Max is on a mission to make tech accessible for everyone 💯

JJ Englert

Community & Education Lead at Softr

Our special guest for today is JJ Englert: a proficient No-code x AI maker who is now in charge of community & education at Softr - one of the most popular tools among our students ⚡️


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