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Creating automations with AI

Hosted by

Max Haining and Reid Robinson

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What you'll learn

Automate your workflows with AI

With AI it's easier than ever to automate your work now ⚡️

Leverage AI to create automations

Learn how to leverage Zapier's AI features to create new automations

10x your productivity

Discover how you can let Zapier work for you, so you can focus on what matters most

Why this topic matters

With No-Code x AI it's easier than ever to automate your workflows. This will save you a ton of time and increase your productivity a lot. Zapier's new AI features will give you superpowers ⚡️

You'll learn from

Max Haining

Founder of the No-code x AI Bootcamp

Coming from a non-technical background, Max discovered in 2020 how you can build literally anything today without writing any code ⚡️ Now he helps ten thousands of people to do the same with the 100 School, including the No-Code x AI Bootcamp. Max is on a mission to make tech accessible for everyone 💯

Reid Robinson

Lead Product Manager AI at Zapier

Our special guest today is Reid Robinson: lead AI product manager AI at Zapier. Reid and his team are constantly shipping new AI features to help you automate your workflows.


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