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What it takes to be an AI engineer in 2024?

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Ritesh Vajariya

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What you'll learn

What are the career prospects and opportunities for AI engg?

The truth is, every software engineer will be an AI engineer some day. Do you want to fast track that path?

What skills do I need to become an AI engineer?

AI engineer is in a way similar to software engineering but there are nuances.

Why Generative AI and Prompt Engineering

Explains the fundamentals of Generative AI and demonstrate how optimized prompts can significantly enhance performance.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Fine-tuning, or both?

Understand when to do fine-tuning, when to apply RAG. In many cases, you may end up doing both. How to decided that?

Live audience Q&A

We will end with audience Q&A. So bring your burning questions!

Why this topic matters

Generative AI is revolutionizing industries by enabling the creation of intelligent, autonomous systems that can perform complex tasks. Mastering these skills is crucial for staying competitive and driving innovation in today's AI-driven world.

You'll learn from

Ritesh Vajariya

Head of AI at Cerebras Systems; SageMaker and Bedrock GTM at AWS; Data and ML Leader at Bloomberg.

In last two years, I have been involved with at least dozen LLM build (notably, BloombergGPT, Falcon), over 50 applications which went to production using model customization techniques such as RAG or fine-tuning, and numerous applications which adopted prompt engineering - for their Generative AI workflow.

Builder at heart, I am Global Head of Generative AI for Cerebras Systems. Prior to that I led Generative AI for Amazon SageMaker, was a founding member of Amazon Bedrock GTM at Amazon Web Services (AWS), guiding heads of state, technology and business leaders, founders, and investors globally on AI adoption.

Prior to that, I spearheaded the creation of Bloomberg's massive data and machine learning platform. This enabled hundreds of engineers and scientists to build scalable, AI-powered applications.

I have spoken about AI around the world, advises on AI usage, and created playbooks to educate businesses on how to successfully build and scale with AI.

I founded AIGuru.Academy, a platform that offers free to nominal cost AI education to individuals regardless of their socio-economic background.

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