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Staying afloat in a sea of AI news

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Denys Linkov

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What you'll learn

Identify substance over sizzle

Every demo and release is meant to generate excitement, we'll dig deeper to find the impact of each one

Build Critical Thinking Skills

Deconstruct new releases to find key insights

Action insights on new releases

Transform information into insight and action for your role and organization

Why this topic matters

Every week we are hit with 100+ of new AI models, products and techniques. How can we keep up? You'll learn how to ask key questions about AI releases, understanding their impact on the landscape and cutting through the noise. We'll analyze two AI press releases live to identify key takeaways and impact on your organization.

You'll learn from

Denys Linkov

Head of ML at Voiceflow, ML Startup Advisor, 150,000+ Learner AI Course instructor

Denys is the Head of Machine Learning at Voiceflow, ML Advisor and AI Course Instructor. He's worked with 50+ enterprises in their conversational AI journey, and his Gen AI courses have helped 150,000+ learners build key skills.

He's worked across the AI product stack, being hands on building key ML systems, managing product delivery teams, and working directly with customers on best practices.

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