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Onboarding Strategies For Engineers

Hosted by

Rahul Pandey

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What you'll learn

My Talk & Observe framework

Build respect with your new manager and team.

4 key questions to ask your colleagues

Learn crucial context and history from colleagues on your team or adjacent teams.

How to prevent failure modes

Too many engineers are surprised with negative feedback in their first performance review -- we'll discuss why.

Why this topic matters

As a new hire, onboarding is your responsibility, not your manager's. The first few months in your job are crucial for creating first impressions and relationships that can either accelerate your success or limit your potential. 30% of tech workers leave their jobs within 90 days -- don't be one of them!

You'll learn from

Rahul Pandey

Former Staff Eng [E6] + EM at Meta. Taught 80K engineers. Stanford lecturer.

Rahul is obsessed with accelerating career growth for engineers. From 2017 - 2022, he was a Staff Engineer [E6] and Engineering Manager [M1] at Meta. Prior to that, he was a founding engineer at a startup which got acquired by Pinterest in 2015. He taught the mobile development course at Stanford in 2020 and 2021.

Rahul has onboarded many times in his career, both when jumping between jobs (4 corporate internships and 3 full-time jobs) and many, many internal reorgs.

In 2022, he started, a YC-backed company designed to increase the collective impact of software engineers around the world. Through his YouTube channel and the Taro community, Rahul has directly helped thousands of engineers.

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