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Build an app with ChatGPT

Hosted by

David Gaynor and Patrick Coleman

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What you'll learn

How we built our language learning startup Yaya

Discover ways to use AI tools from ideation to coding to content

Working with the ChatGPT API

A hands-on demo of using the ChatGPT API to build an app

Mistakes to avoid

Talk to users early, iterate quickly, and don't overbuild

Why this topic matters

It's never been easier to start a bootstrapped business. LLMs provide endless content, and novice coders can do so much with AI tools. In this lesson, we'll share lessons and mistakes from building our language learning startup, Yaya, and how you can use ChatGPT, Next.js, and Firebase to build your own app or bootstrap your own business.

You'll learn from

David Gaynor

Engineer and exited founder, ex Andela and Twitter

Languages: English, Chinese, French, Polish


Patrick Coleman

Former first business hire and early leader at Replit and PeopleGrove

Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean


Previously at


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