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Create Your Second Brain with AI

Hosted by

Matt Burton

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What you'll learn

Build with Obsidan (Free)

I will show you how to turn your daily notes into a valuable asset that is free to create, manage, and expand.

Build with NotebookLM (Experimental)

Text notes, .pdf files, and Google Docs can be stored in NotebookLM, where you then "curate and create" with Gemini AI.

Build with ChatGPT Plus from OpenAI (Custom "Agent")

Export a live meeting transcript from Otter AI, then import to an AI Agent you create in ChatGPT to be a living FAQ.

Why this topic matters

The speed of knowledge drops is daunting. Especially when new AI tools and techniques are being advanced constantly. We all need ways to summarize and synthesize what we are learning and putting into practice. Second Brain techniques to help us organize and remember our knowledge and insights.

You'll learn from

Matt Burton

Founder/CEO at Savant-AI™ and Faculty at Golden Gate University

Savant-AI™ is a holding company of AI projects and intellectual property, formed in 2022.

Previously at

J.P. Morgan
Fidelity Investments
School Of Visual Arts

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