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Workforclimate Academy


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10 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

The time to be bold is NOW. Step into climate leadership at work and help your organisation achieve progress faster.

Hosted by

Laure Legros and Lucy Piper

Course overview

WorkforClimate Academy

Are you an employee of a company? Are you concerned about climate and the state of the world? 

The WorkforClimate Academy is a 10-week program on how to 10x your impact as a climate change maker within your organisation. 

Who is this course for


Climate-concerned professionals who want to amplify their personal impact


Aspiring change makers who want to build their change leadership skills and apply them to climate


Sustainability professionals who seek guidance and support to embark their organisation on the journey

Key outcomes

Learn the fundamentals of corporate climate action

From reducing their operational impact to taking a stand, learn what great looks like for companies.

Develop your influence, presence and communication skills

Gain confidence in your ability to drive the conversation.

Create the roadmap to put your plan into action

Choose your own goals and break them down into achievable steps.

Realise your potential as a change maker

Become the climate leader your company needs.


(10 ratings)

See what people are saying

        This cohort left me with three invaluable gifts: a humbling wake up call on the science and logistics of renewable energy, an insight into how many people are dedicated to climate action and the tools needed to influence lasting change. If you're looking for a way to maximise your climate action, this is it!
Seán Marsh

Seán Marsh

Ethical Business Designer & Strategist
        The speakers are top notch - informative, energising and inspirational. It’s a perfect balance between teaching you the technical side of the renewable transition for a company and developing your skills to influence decision making within your organisation. A huge variety of backgrounds among the community, with knowledge from all industries.
Chloe Davison

Chloe Davison

        WorkforClimate have created a unique offering for individuals who want to make a difference at work. Without the cohort I would not have felt equipped to have important conversations with senior leaders at my place of work.
Aimee Mensink

Aimee Mensink

        WorkforClimate can teach you how to engage with your workplace to get the information they need to want renewable energy and climate action. The course is constantly improving with feedback from past participants, passionate program-facilitators and expert presenters.


Local Government participant
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Workforclimate Academy

Meet your instructors

Laure Legros

Laure Legros

WorkforClimate, Head of Experience & Climate coach

For the first part of her career, Laure helped large and fast-growing companies automate and improve their marketing with data. In 2020, she was confronted to climate change, and decided that the problem was too significant to be working on anything else. She is now leveraging her skills and experience to help employees transform their organisations and shift the corporate sector from within. She truly believes in the collective power of people to create change.

Lucy Piper

Lucy Piper

WorkforClimate, Director & Climate coach

After a decade in the corporate sector, working within a climate progressive business, Lucy wants to help more corporations around the world decarbonise, faster.

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Workforclimate Academy

Course syllabus


Why corporations are key to tackle the climate crisis

We will start by taking a look at the big picture, what is at stake and how climate change is reshaping the rules of business. We will explore systems dynamics and the role played by corporations. We will discuss how organisations can truly become part of the solution, regardless of their sector and business model. 


Creating momentum in your organisation

We will explore how to strategise and organise on climate within your company. We will discuss proven methods and techniques to influence stakeholders and mobilise colleagues to feel motivated and empowered to act. We’ll practice having productive climate conversations


The business case for climate

You will learn how to demonstrate the business case for climate action, and how to connect climate goals with broader business goals. We will review case studies examples and role play talking to different stakeholders. 


Energy - Switching to 100% Renewables

In our first deep dive series, we take a look at one of the most significant goals a company can take on to reduce the impact of its operations: switching to 100% renewable energy. We’ll explore why this is a priority for companies, what it means to commit to this goal, and the different pathways available to companies. 


Emissions - Developing a meaningful climate program

The second deep dive series is dedicated to corporate greenhouse gas emissions. Learn what it takes to develop a credible net zero plan, and how to help your company take impactful and immediate action towards decarbonisation. 


Money - Aligning investments with a safe climate future

Investments provide a major opportunity to scale impact. Learn how companies can align their investments - starting with superannuation funds - with a safe climate future, and the short and long term benefits that come from doing so. 


Advocacy - Using influence to shape policy and drive systemic change

Staying on the side line is no longer an option. In the last deep dive series we will explore how companies can use their influence to drive policy change, and how employees can push their company to step up and be more vocal about climate. 


Developing your climate voice

Working on change takes courage and confidence. We will help you build your influence potential, increase your communication and leadership skills, and use storytelling to communicate more effectively. 


Building your roadmap and driving action

Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest. You will identify the biggest opportunities for your organisation to make an impact and work on your plan of action to make change happen. 


Graduation Week

We will celebrate our learnings and achievements, share our roadmaps for change and get feedback from the community. 

Course schedule

4-5 hours per week
  • Live sessions - Tuesdays & Thursdays

    1:00pm - 2:00pm AEST

    We will run 2 live sessions each week:

    • A talk with an expert speaker
    • A group workshop to tackle specific topics together
  • Optional Office Hours - Wednesdays & Fridays

    1:00pm - 2:00pm AEST

    Optional office hours with WorkforClimate coaches to work through specific challenges and get feedback.

  • Readings and weekly projects

    2 hours per week - on your own time

    Plan time for self-paced content and weekly assignments to start applying insights and learnings to your work.

What makes this program unique

What makes this program unique

World-class guest speakers

You will hear from high-calibre guest speakers who are experts in their domains.

Unique blend of technical content & professional development

We help you be the climate leader your company needs

Outcome-focused learning

Our program is designed to help you put your learning into practice and achieve real-world outcomes.

Accountability, Community & Feedback

Experts and cohort peers will keep you accountable and help you break down the work into achievable steps.

Dedicated 1-1 time with coaches

Weekly office hours available to help you get unstuck

Frequently Asked Questions

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Workforclimate Academy