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User Research Bootcamp - End to End Guide for Testing Digital Products

4 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Create a design research playbook! In this 4 weeks you'll practice running a study & create a guide for your future user-centered research.

Hosted by

Heatherlee Nguyen

The Indie Consultant

Course overview

End-to-End UX Research: a 30-day bootcamp!

No research team? No problem! Learn how to plan product testing, recruit real users, and design user tests to maximize learning.

Who is this course for


Founders + Entrepreneurs, are you sick of not really knowing about your users? Lacking data & insight into your product? Take this bootcamp!


Freelance Designers, Consultants are you eager to become a researcher too? Learn how to confidently test client work & run your own studies!


UX Managers + Product leads, want your team trained to run usability tests? Need to develop personas? Sign up as a team!

Key outcomes

Learn the different research methods

On week 1 you'll learn the different methods and why certain styles are better at certain phases. As a group we'll look through some survey data to write jobs to be done and POV statements, and we'll make hypotheses. You will pick a method to try over the next week.

Craft a formal test plan (template for use later!)

week 2: you'll have a test plan as you learn how to communicate your learning objectives. You will get a recruiting plan together to start testing with real people! You'll learn the dos and don ts of writing scripts, facilitating usability tests, & conducting unbiased interviews.

Practice interviewing + facilitating

Put it all to practice! Synthesizing your data & turning insights into actionable tasks for your design team. This is the apex of your project, distilling your learnings and producing persona documentation.

You will prep a findings report for public demo day!

Synthesize learnings + present your research!

Now that you;ve learned how to effectively synthesize your learnings into themes, key insights and start persona documentation you will practice presenting research and share your findings deck and process publicly for a demo day, open to all.

people love my workshops!

        This kind of session is worth its weight in gold in terms of driving valuable ideation + bonding team VERY well facilitated. Thank you!”
Sanna Yoder

Sanna Yoder

Content Developement Manager, Mayo Clinic
        I found the overall format really engaging and effective (the rhythm of sketching and discussion). This kind of session can build a lot of buy-in!
Ben Barrett

Ben Barrett

Senior Operations Analyst, Mayo Clinic
        Putting users first in her work comes naturally for her & from the heart. Clients love her because they feel the passion she generates about her projects & notice her going the extra mile. She doesn't fall back on common practices..
Abbey Smalley

Abbey Smalley

Head of Design Programs, Amazon
        Heatherlee is an amazingly talented designer who really understands users and how they might approach a digital tool. She is able to glean a lot of information from clients in a short amount of time..
Michelle Maryns

Michelle Maryns

Founder & CEO, We Sparkle
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User Research Bootcamp - End to End Guide for Testing Digital Products

Meet your instructor

Heatherlee Nguyen

Heatherlee Nguyen

The Indie Consultant

Hi, I’m Heatherlee. I'm a researcher and product designer helping businesses of all shapes and sizes launch their big ideas! 🚀

For over a decade I've been a consultant practicing at the intersection of UX, Product + Service Design. I've been trained in the formal way of research and developed more scrappy, creative methods along the way. My goal is to arm anyone, with any background, with the skills to plan & facilitate user research of any kind!

My corporate background includes UX work with Optum (UnitedHealth Group), Mayo Clinic, Target, Best Buy, and Securian Financial. Currently, I'm a human-centered design coach, product designer, and community lead at Bitovi.

I studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, took the altMBA in 2016, and remain insatiably curious about humanity, technology, and wellness. Read more about me at heatherlee.design.

Questions about this course?

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User Research Bootcamp - End to End Guide for Testing Digital Products

Course syllabus


Methods: Surveys, Interviews, Ethnographic Research, Testing

The what: Jump right into example survey data, write your own survey & start your ready-to-reuse interviewing template. Week 1 is about defining your learning objectives.


Test Plans: Objectives + Participants

The who and the why: With the prior survey work you'll have a working test plan (a solid artifact you can reference & reuse after this bootcamp).


Facilitating: Interviewing Users + Usability Testing

The how: Week 3 is an awesome experience for those who've never facilitated usability tests or interviewed users before. You'll learn all the tips + practice with each other during class, and interview real users as homework.


Synthesizing + Presenting: The Art of the Findings Deck

Telling the story: What have you learned? How will you share the results of this study? Get your key insights together, week 4 has you presenting your final findings deck!


Presenting Live on Demo Day

Week 4 is Demo Day! You will have the opportunity to present your findings deck with your peers, and the general public. Congrats, you're a bonafide researcher and can speak about it. Go ahead and invite your co-workers, your boss, your project teams!

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Saturdays (4 consecutive weeks)

    1:00pm - 3:00pm EST

    Starting Saturday, March 4th, We'll meet live on Zoom once a week for the core lesson plan of the week. This includes live presentations, solo, and group work every Saturday.

    Sat. 3/4 - class 1 of 3

    Sat. 3/11 - class 2 of 3

    Sat. 3/18 - class 3 of 3

    Sat. 3/25 - demo day!

  • Thursday check-ins (3 total, optional!)

    7:30-8:00pm CST

    Starting after week 2, there's a Zoom check-in with your instructor and peers to get feedback and share what you've been doing. There are a total of 3 of these optional sessions, each 30 minutes.

    Thurs. March 9

    Thurs. March 16

    Thurs. March 23

  • Course runs March 1 - 27th

    3 + 1 weeks!

    • First class = Sat. March 4th
    • 3 Saturdays total (lectures + live, group learning)
    • 3 Thursdays (optional check-ins)
    • Last mandatory class together will be on Sat. March 25th when you present your findings deck (invite anyone).
    • Final course materials available and sent by April
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User Research Bootcamp - End to End Guide for Testing Digital Products


Learning is better with cohorts!

Learning is better with cohorts!

Active learning, not passive watching

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

Frequently Asked Questions

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User Research Bootcamp - End to End Guide for Testing Digital Products

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